Lucid Air Electric Sedan [Price & Specs]

To this day, it is the only lucid air electric sedan price that can reach a quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds. The power of the clear wind is complemented by the extended range available, which achieves an estimated EPA range of up to 517 miles on a single charge. Lucid Air is available in North America in four model ranges: The starting point for the lineup will be wind 2022 and it will start at less than 000 80,000 (after the US Federal Tax Credit, 500 72,500).

The best air touring model available by the end of 2021 starts at $ 95,000 (after federal tax credit, 500 87,500). Air Grand Touring available in 2021 from 21 139,000 (US 131,500 after US federal tax credit) is complete. All-inclusive, limited edition Air Dream Edition, Spring 2021, 9 169,000 (1 161,500 after U.S. federal tax credit).

Lucid air electric sedan price
Lucid Air

It went into production this year, starting in 20 2021 and using battery technology proven E-formula to achieve a 517 mile (813 km) range with a capacity of 113kWh.

Despite the steady supply of air-related news in the last few months, we are still in the dark about important facts about how expensive it is, how powerful it is, and how fast it can be. The response to all three – at least for the first year of production – is overwhelming.

Lucid air prize according to specs

The biggest gun is the Spirit Dream Program and I mean big: 1,080hp (805kW), zero to 60 mph (97 km / h) in 2.5 seconds, a quarter of a mile (402m) in 9.9 seconds ( 144 mph / 231 km / h) and a matching price tag of $ 169,000 (or $ 161,500 to file your tax return and receive 30D IRC credits), great power exchange and little speed. But fear not, the Air Dream Edition will still get you a long way on a single charge, with an EPA of around 503 miles (810km) on 19-inch wheels or 465 miles (748km) to fit 21-inch alloys. represent

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Another early receiver is the Great Air Tour, a type that requires long-distance horns.The Grand Touring battery has a capacity of 800hp (597kW) from the front and rear windshields, and this model is slower (0-60 mph 10.8 seconds). 1.4 miles), but has longer legs. (As mentioned above, 517), but this is no exception, with the low $ 139,000 pre-tax benefits.

By the end of 2021, air travel will sell for $ 95,000 (pre-credit), with “just” 620 horsepower (462kW) in 3.2 seconds as fast as a McLaren F1 dash to 60 mph.

(The McLaren F1 high-speed air model is always maintained for test drivers, with Dream Conditions and Grand Tourings limited to 168 mph / 270 km / h and travel up to 155 mph / 250. The wind is about 402 miles (647 km), and the current version of the Tesla Model S has shown that it can run on a smaller battery.

Final opinion about Lucid Air electric sedan

The final difference officially announced is a common spirit.

But aside from the price (under $ 80,000) and the estimated arrival (2022), the only concrete thing we have from Lucid is that, as the more expensive model will be able to add a 20-minute list of 300.

Miles (482 km) when connected to a high-speed charger – 350kW DC.Like many existing OEMs with new EV batteries on sale or due to its recent arrival, Lucid has partnered with American Power and Owners will receive a free DC charger for three years.

In addition, Lucid has at least one Air in the industry, one of which will use three (instead of two) electric vehicles.

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All we really know is that in the pull section, it will take a quarter of a mile in 9.3 seconds, making it faster than Johnny Smith’s Flux Capacitor, setting a world record in 2016 as the fastest legal EV inside9.8 seconds.

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