Lookism Chapter 408 Release Date: Suan 1st Generation King: Seokudu Wang

Lookism Chapter 408 continues after Daniel Park encounters a powerful, mysterious figure. Lookism Chapter 408 returns after a week break, but the latest chapter is over. In the latest chapter of this manga, 5th Annex President Eli Zhang meets another person and asks about Asan. The man wonders if Eli Zhang is messing up and scolds him. Eli Zhang tries to intimidate the man who says he can only meet Asan for business. Behind the mysterious man is a pile of corpses of powerful guys.

The mystery man is revealed to be Hudson Ahn, Public No. 1, and he throws away his jacket. Hudson gets into a fighting stance and tells Eli Zhang to give up Asan. Eli’s friend warns him to be careful as Hudson is not child’s play. Realizing that Hudson is stronger than Jackie Lee, Eli Zhang asks his friend if it was Hudson who defeated Max and Derek. He knew that when he wasn’t around, Hudson acted confident because he had no one to challenge him. Hudson is revealed to be a tough guy who only trains with one fist, and it’s a signature move to end a fight with a single punch.

Eli Zhang’s friends also realized that Hudson had hit many boys, including Daniel. Hudson has never met his match, and Eli knows he must keep his distance when fighting Hudson. Hudson has a habit of moving his feet while throwing a single punch. Eli Zhang decided not to waste time and did not listen to his friend’s advice. Hudson and Eli hook each other’s faces with lefts and rights.

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Formerly in Lookism Chapter 407

Hudson believes the fight is over since he notices Eli Zhang passed out. But Eli Zhang reminds Hudson not to rush things. He had flashbacks after three months of training. Hudson ends the fight, forcing him to use a second right to Eli’s belly. Eli starts eating heavy punches and Hudson thinks Eli is digging his own grave and his family is preparing for his funeral. Hudson told Eli that he wasn’t going to back down after only throwing one punch.

Lookism Chapter 408

He lands a Legend of Gandong to turn Eli’s lights out. But Eli threw off his jacket and covered Hudson’s face to stop the heavy blows. He uses his battle to defeat Hudson and flees the scene. Meanwhile, Burn Knuckles no. 1 Vasco appears somewhere. He later meets Eli at the hot springs and decides to see who is stronger, but they overhear the other families talking about them. Outside the city, Samuel Seo spends his free time enjoying dinner cooked by his chef. Samuel starts drinking, and one of the workers reminds him that drinking is not good for students.

He realized that he was thinking about the importance of family. The lady wonders if Samuel has run away from his family and they are looking for him. To the woman’s surprise, Samuel was not a student. Suan Crew: A stone head service arrives and starts abusing a woman doing her business. Changyong Ji of Suan approached Samuel and spoke to him. Later Warren Che and Eli rest on the bench and they battle a Stonehead serve. Dosoo Lee joined the battle, but he was defeated. Samuel defeated Changyong Ji. Suan 1st Generation King: Siokudu asks who Wang Eli and Che Eli Zhang are.

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Lookism Chapter 408 Release Date

Lookism Chapter 408 will be released on August 13, 2022. But the lookism manga continues to take a break. After taking a break for two weeks, now it is back again with the release of the latest chapter. Lookism offers a new chapter every seven days unless interrupted by a weekly break. Let’s check Lookism Chapter 408 latest updates below.

Luxism Chapter 408

Suan Crew: Stone Head Service

Lookism Chapter 408 Read Online – Raw Details

You can read Lookism Chapter 408 on various websites. Lookism Manga has not yet revealed its official website to read the latest chapter. But the latest chapter and previous chapters of Lookism are available online. As soon as new chapters or updates of Lookism are released, we will update them.

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