Lohri 2021: Dates Of Celebration And All You Need To Know About This Festival

By | 12 Jan 2021

Sikh and Hindu religions celebrate Lohri with great joy. In short, it is the most popular festival in India. it is also believed that the light of the sun that appeared the other day in Lohri brings a morning of hope.

Lohri 2021 is celebrating this January on Wednesday 13.

Lohri is celebrated as the welcome party of Summer and also to say goodbye to the freezing and cold days of winter.

The festival is celebrated according to the Bikram calendar to welcome the new financial year for farmers. New agricultural tenures are about to begin on Lohri and fares are charged on this day, so it is celebrated as the new financial year.

During the day, children go from door to door singing folk songs and are given sweets and savories and occasionally money.
● Turning children back empty-handed is regarded as inauspicious. The collection consists of til, crystal sugar, gajak, jaggery, peanuts and popcorn.
● The collections gathered by children is known as Lohri which is distributed among all the people at night.
● People light the bonfire and then the Lohri distributed among people is thrown into bonfire along with some other food items like peanuts, jaggery, etc. They all enjoy the Lohri night by sitting and singing Lohri songs together.
● The Lohri night ends by having a traditional feast of sarson da saag, makki di roti and kheer.
● On this day, kite flying is also popular in some parts of Punjab.

Lohri 2021: Songs and their significance and Dulla Bhatti

Lohri’s songs play an important role in the celebration of the program as they reflect a person’s joy and enthusiasm. These songs are like traditional folk songs that are sung to thank God for a good harvest and a good abundance.

Lohri’s songs are also sung in memory of Punjabi warrior Dulla Bhatti. People wear their shiny clothes and bhangra and giddha umol on the beat. The beat is danced around the sound. Over time, Lohri became associated with the story of Dulla Bhatti.

To pay homage, many people also refer to Robin Hood – Punjab’s Dulla Bhatti. He not only looted the rich, but also the poor Punjabi girls were forcibly taken to the slave market. Therefore, Lohri’s songs are sung to honor the services rendered by him during his lifetime.

Lohri in other parts of India in 2021

In Andhra Pradesh, one day before Makar Sankranti. On this day, old and inferior things are discarded and new things are taken into account due to changes or alterations. In the morning, the grain is burned with wooden sticks, more solid wood and wooden furniture in the house is useless.

Not only materialistic things are disposed of, with these things, all the bad habits and bad thoughts are sacrificed to the Rudra Gyan known as Rudra Gyan Yajna. It represents the purity and transformation of the soul.

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