Learn How to Turn Off Google Meet Chat?

How to Turn Off Google Meet Chat: Google Meet provides customers with a wide range of capabilities. You may conduct video conferences and exhibit your screen, as you are aware. The whiteboard may also be shared via Google Meet.

In Google Meet app, you can add your own visual effects even without a camera, which is awesome. You may converse while in a meeting as well. However, using Google Meet’s conversation feature might occasionally divert attention away from the presenter. During a presentation, it may be quite challenging to keep everyone’s attention.

You are finished if within that time participants in Google Meet continue to chat. Therefore, we may simply turn off Google Meet’s chat feature for a moment to lessen the distraction. It’s quite simple to turn off Google Meet Chat. Let’s see How to Turn Off Google Meet Chat?

How to Turn Off Google Meet Chat

Turn Off Google Meet Chat By Following These Steps:

Open Google meet
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Start a New Meeting
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Learn How to Turn Off Google Meet Chat?
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Toggle the "three dots"
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Meeting Host Controls
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Turn Off Google Meet chat
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Open Google meet

  • First, launch the Google Meet app on your phone or tablet.
  • Google Meet comes pre-installed on a lot of devices.
    Simply download the Google Meet app from the Play Store if you don’t already have it.
  • Make sure your gadget has strong internet access as well.
    To launch the Google Meet programme, click on it.

Start a New Meeting

  • Click on new meeting to start a fictitious meeting so we can show how to turn off Google Meet Chat.
  • This meeting will be used to investigate how to turn off Google Meet chat.
  • To start a new meeting, click “New Meeting.”

Toggle the “three dots”

Let’s move on now that you have joined the meeting.

  • Look in the right-hand corner of your screen for the “three dots.”
  • To begin, select the “three-dots” option.

Meeting Host Controls

The three dots can be clicked to reveal a new menu.

  • On your screen, you might see a number of choices.
  • From the menu selections on your screen, select the “Host Controls” item.
  • As seen in the figure below, choose “Host Controls.”‘

Turn Off Google Meet chat

Last but not least, you can see that we can control a variety of things through the host controls.

  • We’ll only disable the chat messages in Google Meet because we have to.
  • As you can see, “Send Chat Messages” is now activated.
  • To disable “Send chat messages,” click the tab next to it.

That’ s it for This Post on How to Turn Off Google Meet Chat. Hope You Have Learned How to Turn Off Google Meet Chat and Don’t Forget To Check Out Other Stuff.

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Finally, you’ve turned off the Google Meet conversation feature. You and the other participants in your Google Meet meeting can converse using the chat feature. While teams working on a single project will love this capability. However, if you don’t want your audience to participate, it could be grating. In virtual classrooms, where teachers would like to be able to control student discourse, this is especially true. I hope you learned something that will be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the blue dots in Google Meet Chats mean?

Google Meet is evaluating the brand-new blue dots feature. You will be able to view all of the “unread” messages at once in this. And all unread messages will have a blue dot next to them.

How can you tell if someone has read your Google Meet Chats text?

In these communications, to the right of the most recent message they have seen is the avatar of the person you are conversing with. A sender will receive a read receipt if the receiver has read a message or has reacted to a notice message.

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