Latest Coronavirus news :- Birmingham Lockdown due to Coronavirus

Birmingham Lockdown due to Coronavirus

Following the increase in CV-19 cases, a number of drastic measures have been taken by Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihul.

Until Tuesday, individual homes in the three West Midlands councils will not be merged. Restrictions do not affect schools, public transportation, or workplaces.

The move comes after two days of negotiations between the government and regional health leaders and local authorities after the city’s seven-day infection rate rose to 78.2 cases per 100,000 population.

The city has been added to the list of areas of government concern following a significant increase in cases confirmed by public health officials in Liverpool. A total of 303 people have been diagnosed with the virus in the last seven days – more than double the number recorded in the previous week and four times more than the previous week.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street announced a ban on housing mixing in Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull on Friday, describing it as a “national ban on interference with the Socialists”. From home ”.

The ban officially went into effect on Tuesday, September 15, but the road has encouraged people to join immediately.

“Sanctions are designed to address the causes of this action. It is important that we all work to control this deadly virus,” Street said. Make sure the current does not allow If we intensify the fight against this virus in the prescribed ways, we can gradually continue to return to other aspects of normal life.

New restriction on #Birkish to limit coronavirus infection. Starting Tuesday, #Bram residents will not be able to integrate into another home, at home or in private gardens except for those in support balloons

  • Bham City Council (Baham City Council) September 11, 2020
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“The ban will go into effect on Tuesday, 15 September, but residents are advised to avoid voluntarily impersonating their homes as they have been identified as a broadcast host.”

Birmingham Lockdown due to Coronavirus

He said the lockdown would apply to Birmingham due to Coronavirus, Sandwell and Solihull.

Concluding his speech, Mr. Street said: “The decision was taken in cooperation with local leaders who are looking for additional measures in the country to combat the digital rise.

“So it has to be stressed. It’s about household mixing, not schools and offices, traffic and banning other options – it’s about mixing internally.”

Mr. Street said full government action would be taken “afterwards” on advertising measures affecting other areas of the country.

Labor MP Jesse Phillips, who is representing Birmingham Yardley, told an ETV reporter on Wednesday that lockdown measures appeared increasingly inevitable.

Dr. Justin Warney, the city’s chief public health official, said the bank “basically called for house meetings” at the end of August and over the weekend.

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