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The first video from Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s upcoming Marvel film “Kraven the Hunter” was shown via satellite at the annual theater owners convention in Las Vegas on Monday, April 24. Ultraviolet frenzy scenes of bl00d and throbbing biceps were well received.

As described by Taylor-Johnson, J.C. The Sandor-Helmet movie is “a Marvel movie that’s heavily grounded in the real world.” We have no doubt that he is a ruthless killer. He then asked what he called “the biggest question of the internet,” namely, whether or not the film would be rated R.

Taylor Johnson’s Kraven, as seen in the premiere footage, is a tactical hunter who likes to wear cut-out leather underwear and has five-star hair. He uses crude claw-shaped weapons to brutally tear apart his victims. There’s plenty of g0re, including Taylor-Johnson pulling the flesh off a target’s neck and spitting it out. Well, it has an R rating.

The trailer of Kraven the Hunter debuted at CinemaCon
The trailer of Kraven the Hunter debuted at CinemaCon

Oscar winners Russell Crowe and Ariana DeBose, as well as “Girls” alum Christopher Abbott and “The Many Saints of Newark” actor Alessandro Nivola round out the Taylor-Johnson-led cast.

The studio teased “Kraven” with a press release ahead of the preview, saying it would debut “our mighty supervillain’s signature fur.” Fans of the movies can always make the most of the trademark fur.

Although popular in Marvel’s comic books, “Kraven the Hunter” has yet to appear in the MCU. Legend has it that he was once a Soviet soldier who was obsessed with hunting, trying to collect the head of Spider-Man, the best hunter alive.

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You can also check out another movie trailer we brought you below:

Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad are producing “Kraven.” The screenplay was co-written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Richard Wenk. Oscar Isaac’s “A Most Violent Year,” Robert Redford thriller “All Is Lost,” Netflix action film “Triple Frontier” starring Ben Affleck and the acclaimed “Margin Call” are all helmers.

Check out the Kraven the Hunter teaser below:

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