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Introduction to King Mohammed VI Net Worth, Biography, Family and Assets

King Mohammed VI Net Worth Mohammed VI, the current king of the Kingdom of Morocco succeeded to the throne on July 23, 1999 after the death of his father, King Hassan II. In 2022, King Mohammed VI of Morocco’s net worth is estimated at 2.5 billion US dollars, making him the richest king on the African continent and the fifth richest king in the world in 2022.

The state of Morocco is located in the continent of Africa, specifically in the north. 
Morocco is northwest of the continent of Africa, and Morocco is bordered on the north by the 
The state of Mauritania is bordered on the south by the state of Mauritania and on the west by the 
Atlantic Ocean, and on the east it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. As for the capital of Morocco, it is Rabat, and its official currency is the Moroccan dirham.
Full Name: Sidi Mohammed bin Hassan Al Alaoui
Birth: 21 August 1963
Nationality: Morocco
Governance: 23 July 1999 – Present
Mohammed VI Net Worth $2.5 billion

Education of Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI Net Worth

The late Hassan II was keen to educate his son, King Mohammed VI, religiously and politically from an early age.

  • At the age of four, he started attending the Qur’anic school in the palace.
  • He studied first primary and secondary at the King Mohammed VI College Royal of Morocco and obtained his baccalaureate (1981).
  • He received a bachelor’s degree in law from Mohammed V University in Agdal (1985).
  • Mohammed VI was appointed President of the Pan Arab Games and appointed Colonel Major of the Royal Moroccan Army in addition to the position of Coordinator of Offices and Services of the Royal Armed Forces. (November 26, 1985 to 1994)
  • He obtained his first Certificate of Higher Education (CES) in Political Science in 1987.
  • Mohammed holds a Diploma d’Études Approfondis (DEA) in Public Law. (July 1988).
  • Mohammed received his Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) from the French University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France for his thesis on “EEC-Maghreb Relations”. (October 29, 1993).
  • On July 12, 1994, he was promoted to the military rank of Major General, and in the same year, he became President of the Supreme Council of Culture and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Moroccan Army.

The family of King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Family of King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has one brother, Prince Moulay Rachid, and three sisters: Princess Lalla Merim, Princess Lalla Asma, and Princess Lalla Hasna.

Mohammed married Salma Bennani on March 21, 2002 in Rabat. She was the first wife of a Moroccan ruler, who was publicly recognized and bestowed with the royal title.

They have two children: Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, born May 8, 2003, and Princess Lalla Khadija, born February 28, 2007.

Muhammad’s birthday on August 21 is a public holiday, although celebrations were canceled for his aunt’s death in 2014.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco Net Worth in 2022

King Mohammed VI of Morocco owns a variety of businesses in various fields, one of which accounts for his net worth — which is estimated to be at least $2.1 billion and as high as $8.2 billion.

Forbes America business magazine has labeled King Mohammed VI as Africa’s richest king and the 5th richest monarch in the world.

The King of Morocco has twelve palaces with 1,100 servants, an annual budget of €1 million a day. Mohammed VI had a castle in France in his personal capacity, which he inherited from his father, and where his Berber mother, Lalla Latifah Hanum, lived.

Mohammed VI also owns the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, which opened in 2011. It has three restaurants under the supervision of Michelin-starred chef Yannick Aleino.

He owns a yacht of 88 million Euros, 70 meters long and 13 meters wide, and is classified as one of the 10 largest sailing yachts in the world with a capacity of 12, one master suite, two VIP and three doubles. Additional 12 staff members.

The King of Morocco uses two private jets (Boeing 737 and Boeing 747) and one C-130 Hercules (designated for actual furniture and luggage). The actual fleet also includes two Gulfstream aircraft (G550) valued at approximately €60 million.

In addition, Mohammed VI has around 600 luxury cars owned by internationally renowned luxury and vintage cars from Mercedes, Land Rover, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Cadillac or Aston Martin brands.

Mohammed VI is also known for his taste in luxury clothes and accessories, including a 1,000-diamond Swiss watch worth more than a million euros that he wore during a trip to Dubai in 2018.

Personal life of King Mohammed VI

Mohammed VI ascended the throne after his father’s death on 23 July 1999, then he married Princess Lalla Salma on 14 September 2002 at the Royal Palace in Rabat and they have two children: Prince Moulay El Hassan (born 2003) and Princess Lalla Khadija (born 2007).

His wife Lalla Salma was called a ‘ghost princess’ and there were many questions about her. The princess disappeared from public view a few years ago and for no apparent reason.

There are vague Instagram photos, swirling rumors and competing theories. Where is the “missing” princess of Morocco? Did she divorce the king of Morocco?

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