Best Keyword Research Tools -[Free & Paid]

Keyword research is a crucial part of a blog.  

Without this, you don’t get a good amount of organic traffic, sales, and conversation. 

One of the reason people failed to getting traffic and make money from their blogs because of inrevleant kewords used on a blog. No matter how hardword you do ready a blogpost, nobody reads if they don’t visible search engine.

Keyword research tools help you to discover what your target audience enters phrases or keywords on search engines. It is harder to rank your blog on page1 without knowing this important information.

Think of it this way, how do you target a keyword if you don’t know what your reader is actually searching for particular phrases on google? 

Knowing the right keywords is a challenge. And you solve your challenge with the tools for it. Your keyword research process is easier with keyword research tools. 

Finding the best keyword research can be tricky if you are new to SEO fields. In this article, I’ll show you the best keyword research tools, some are free and some require money to pay for this. 

Ready? Let’s roll in.

What is Keyword Research Tools? 

A tool that helps you discover phrases or keywords that your target audience is searching in your niche. Also, they give you content ideas for your upcoming blog posts.

The keyword research tools show you the keywords your competitors are using to rank on Google, where they made backlinks, top-performing keywords, and lots more data. With that, you get lots of useful SEO metrics to see which helps to find out relevant keywords in a better way.


This tool is by Neil Patel – a well-known name in the Digital marketing industry.

A simple and clean user interface that makes it easier to use for any beginner. In these tools, you will get important information about a particular keyword like monthly search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and so on.

It gives three times a day for keyword researching tasks in a free trial account.

If you want more additional features where you get more keyword information then you need to upgrade your account to premium by spending money on it.

I suggest for beginners, using a free account will give enough keyword data for newbies.


A very popular keyword researching tool used by professionals also. With Ahrefs, you will see the competitor’s backlinks, keywords they ranked for, and monthly searches.

For this, you need to type your keywords. 

Another keyword research tool by Ahrefs is keywords explorer. It helps you discover the top-performing keywords, backlinks, CPC, and lots of related data making your SEO efforts easier by finding the right keywords from it.

One of the best features, it will show KD (keyword difficulty) in the form of metrics calculating a (0 -100) score, so you better know which keyword you need to target/focus on. 

Additionally, you can use it to discover new content ideas for your next blog post. 

Answer the public 

This free tool gives you three chances to research keywords you want, just enter your keywords and within a few seconds, it will give you lots of keyword ideas. 

Answer The Public tools that come with unique features make the long-tail keywords research process easier. All Google autocomplete suggested keywords you will see with the help of this tool. The way to show all keywords ideas charts is an amazing and easy-to-understand format.

With that, you are also able to find fresh content, blogpost ideas, and FAQS. 

I recommend reading my In-depth Answer The Public review where I explained every feature of this. 

Google Keyword Planner 

When we talk about free tools for keyword research then Google Keyword Planner is one of the most trusted & powerful tools by Google.

To start your keyword researching process, you need to create an account on it. After creating a Google keyword Planner account successfully then you will be able to see any keyword’s CPC, difficulty, and monthly search volume once you enter a keyword on the search box.


We see the most amazing keyword research tools that help you discover relevant keywords and most importantly rank your blog higher on search engines.

Which keyword research tools are you like most? 

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