Jinka & Gluna Chapter 5 Explained

Jinka & Gluna Chapter 5 is the latest heartwarming story brought to viewers by Weekly Shonen Jump, and fans are loving it so far. The manga has definitely captured the hearts of manga readers everywhere with its witty and fresh concept. Although it is relatively new, since it debuted in September 2022, it has already received very positive reviews from critics and audiences, and has also developed an active fan following among readers. All of this is due to the sheer likability of the manga’s titular characters.

The interaction and antics between the titular characters are really heartwarming and funny to read. Although it is considered part of the comedy genre, it sometimes strikes some serious tones. The manga basically follows the adventures of Ginka, a snowman, and Gluna, a wizard, as they leave the mountains for the city.

The manga is written and illustrated by Shinpei Watanabe and is running in Weekly Shonen Jump starting September 12, 2022. As the 5th chapter of the manga is about to be released soon, we have collected some interesting information about the manga and the upcoming chapter for you.

What is Jinka & Gluna Manga?

When Gluna was a little girl, her mother died of an epidemic and she never knew her father. Therefore, she lived alone in a snowy mountain where food was scarce. The animals often looked sadly at little Gluna as she struggled to find food every day. But she is more or less happy with her life and reads a book about magic every night, dreaming of becoming a magician one day.

That’s when she met a snowman who could walk and talk like a human. Snowman tells her his name is Ginka and thanks her for giving him the scarf earlier. Although Gluna initially finds Zinka a nuisance, she begins to accept him as a friend.

But she makes a surprising discovery: the deer can do real magic! Even surprisingly. Despite reading about magicians all this time, she had never seen one until Ginka, that is. Now she realizes Gingka’s powers and requests that he teach her. So he accepted her request.

Five years later, under Zinka’s magical training, Gluna becomes a powerful magician who can perform miracles. Now that she’s learned all there is to teach Ginka, she decides it’s time to get out of these snowy mountains. But Jinka refused to come with him.

Gluna realized that as soon as Zinka left these mountains, he would lose all his magical powers and dissolve. But Gluna finds a solution to this and insists that Jinka come with her. Proud of Gluna growing into a witch, Jinka decides to leave the mountains with her.

And so begins the adventure of the snowman and the magic girl!

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Formerly at Jinka & Gluna Chapter 4

In the last chapter, we learn that the duo are still roaming around the capital city and now have a new companion with them- Beretta. She’s a mage like Gluna, but she’s really good at it and often laments her incompetence.

In the previous chapters, we saw the trio taking on all the magic jobs around the city and successfully completing even the difficult ones. Seeing their success, the Magic Union asked for their help in completing the Seven Star Mission. Although Zinka & Gluna are as reckless as ever, Beretta knows the hardships of the Seven-Star mission and even regrets it when they take on the job.

Jinka & Gluna Chapter 5

When the trio venture into a mine known as the Labyrinth of Tunnels to search for the cause of the missing miners, they are led through some really elaborate tunnels dating back to the Verrokian Era. As they reach the bottom of the mine, they see a new face- Anemone.

Beretta and Anemone actually know each other, and Anemone continues to torture Beretta. As this happens, a rock crab attacks the group, and although Anemone proudly defeats it, more rock crabs come out after hearing the previous rock crab’s cry.

In this situation, Anemone really thought they were going to die, but the two people in the group were still laughing. Zinka & Gluna jump to the front to attack the incoming rock crab horde, but Zinka tells Gluna to stand back so he can kill them without ruining their skin to be sold later.

Towards the end of the chapter, we see the deer dumbfounded as Anemon destroys all the rock crabs without a wand or spell. The chapter ends with a sense of foreboding as Jinka tells the rest that this is not the end of their mission and that the worst is yet to come…

When is Jinka & Gluna Chapter 5 release date?

You can read the rest of Jinka & Gluna Chapter 5 adventures through the manga’s fifth chapter, which will be released on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

Where to read Jinka & Gluna Chapter 5 online?

You can read upcoming chapters as well as previous ones online Viz Media And Manga More.

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