Is Chainsaw Man suitable for younger viewers?

One of the rare shounen series that deviated from the formulaic shounen formula and ventured into more adult terrain is Chainsaw Man. Due to the volume of blood it includes, the comic is also regarded as one of the earliest R+ shounen manga.

A 13-year-old child should not see Chainsaw Man Anime because it has a shocking amount of body horror, profanity, female nudity, and other fertile themes. Due of its adult topics, the majority of rating systems throughout the world have given the series a 17+ classification.

There are chapters in the manga that are solely meant for adults. For instance, Chapter 59 begins with a disclaimer because it includes an illustration of a sex scene on a spread.

The chapter is not available on the reader-favorite Shounen Jump app; instead, it can only be accessed through the Viz Media website.

Chainsaw Man Anime Parenting Guide

Although Chainsaw Man belongs to the shounen genre and is normally written for teens, some of its chapters are not suitable for younger readers.

Parents should be informed of the series’ content because the anime will be more or less authentic to the manga.

  • Violence and Gore: Denji starts the anime off on a nasty note by dismembering other demons and zombies in the opening episode. Every episode of the manga features a lot of blood, guts, and dismemberment.
  • Sex and Nudity: Characters like Power frequently wear nearly no clothing in the anime, which focuses mostly on female nudity. Although there aren’t many sexual scenes, you should be advised that Chapters 54 and 59 do feature some rather graphic scenes of Quanxi and her harem.
  • Profanity: The programme doesn’t use a lot of profanity, but it is present. In the opening episode, Denji is referred to as a “dog.”
  • Alcohol, drugs and smoking: The majority of the series’ characters are adults who smoke and use alcohol. In the manga, characters like Aki and Himeno smoke frequently.

Will Chainsaw Man anime be censored?

No Chainsaw Man manga passages will be edited, according to MAPPA CEO Hamura Otsuka, who made the announcement during a panel discussion at Anime Expo 2022. The production committee assured fans that no scenes would be left out despite the manga’s abundance of graphic content.

The production committee opted to keep faithful to the manga even though the anime will be given an 18+ classification because they want the anime to feel as raw as its source material.

About the Chainsaw Man Anime

Chainsaw Man Anime
Chainsaw Man Anime

Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author of the manga series Chainsaw Man, which was released from December 2018 until 2022. MAPPA will produce an anime series for the show. The manga’s second instalment has also been confirmed.

Denji, the manga’s central figure, is an orphan who must work as a demon hunter to support himself and settle his father’s debts.

Pochita, his favourite demon, is nonetheless slain while on a mission. When Denji awakens, he discovers that he and Pochita have fused to form Chainsaw Man. He must join the government and continue his demon hunting if he doesn’t want to be slain.

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