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(Answer) When Is Hunter x Hunter Manga Haitus Ending?

Hunter x Hunter Manga Haitus Ending

Do you want to know why the Hunter x Hunter manga takes frequent breaks and when it will return? This guide will cover all your bases.

Congratulations! You’ve read everything there is to read about Hunter x Hunter. But now you’re left with the same pressing query that every fan of the show has at some point: When will the Hunter x Hunter manga return, and why did it take a break? After all, it ended things right in the middle of an arc, and no meaningful justification for the stoppage was provided at the time. Fortunately for you, we’ve gathered all the solutions you need in one manual.

When Is the Hunter x Hunter Manga Coming Back? Explained

The Hunter x Hunter manga is currently publishing new chapters, which is wonderful news to start with.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the series’ author, has acknowledged that he has finished and is still working on next chapters for the Dark Continent Expedition arc. Earlier this year, he established a public Twitter account, which he used to confirm this. Since then, he has used that account to post updates on the development of the series.

On Sundays at roughly 11 a.m. Eastern Time, these chapters usually become legally available. They are now accessible via Shonen Jump’s digital platforms, and at a later time, they will also be accessible via print volumes.

Speaking of which, Volume 37 of the series will officially be released in Japan on November 4 of this year. Chapters 381-390, which include all of the content available but not yet included in a tankbon, will be collected in this volume.

Why Does Hunter x Hunter Take Regular Breaks?

Hunter x Hunter Manga Haitus Ending
Hunter x Hunter Manga Haitus Ending

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that the series may soon take another break, and the cause is pretty unfortunate. The Hunter x Hunter series has seen numerous hiatuses, and Togashi indicated after opening his Twitter account that his ongoing health problems are the primary cause.

The majority of these problems are back-related, and they have significantly reduced his ability to work or even just function on a daily basis. As a result, Togashi’s physical requirements and overall wellbeing may influence how the series is continued.

This is not at all unusual in the manga industry or even among Shonen Jump contributor authors. Due to ongoing health problems, many authors have had to take significant vacations from writing new chapters for their series, and some have had to terminate altogether since the author was no longer able to finish them.

Therefore, the fact that Togashi is releasing anything at all for the series is the best case situation. Keeping this in mind, you should be patient with the slow release of new chapters and realise that Togashi very well may need to discontinue the series for his personal well-being.

Regardless, we’ll keep an eye on the show and update this guide as new details become available.

With the return of the Hunter x Hunter manga, hopefully this will be resolved. Look through the connected articles below for more information on the series. We also have a tonne of other anime content for you to check out, such as lists of the top anime senseis and anime villains (both of which include Hunter x Hunter characters).

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