How To Write SEO Friendly Article in 10 min

If you’ve come to my blog, it’s possible that you haven’t yet discovered the tips and tactics that will help you Write SEO Friendly Article for your blog or website. I am confident that if you read this post in its entirety, you will not require the use of another platform. In today’s post, I’ll provide a simple and accurate method for not only writing a nice blog post but also getting it ranked in Google and On other search engines, based on my own experience.

Writing SEO Friendly Blogpost or material for a website is not difficult if you have the right skills. I agree that it takes time, but it is an art, and if you feel comfortable as a writer, you will enjoy creating stuff.

I am confident that you can Write SEO Friendly Article in 15 to 20 minutes as well. Some people find it quite challenging and turn to copywriters and freelancers for help. However, you can picture how some authors manage to compose articles with such ease. There is no such thing as a miraculous gizmo that can turn you into a great writer overnight.

You only need to remember a few key elements in order to become an excellent writer. You’ll start to feel like a joke if you start to feel it. To make it simple to grasp, read a post by another blogger on a similar topic before writing your own.

Learn From Others Article

When you read a blogger’s piece carefully, you will get the impression that he is speaking directly to you. You Can Write SEO Friendly Article By Following Other Bloggers. When you begin Write SEO Friendly Article, write in such a way that you are conversing with your readers and resolving their issues.

You Can Write SEO Friendly Article By Following Other Bloggers

If you want your viewers to spend more time reading your articles, you must publish material that is engaging and, at the same time, your post must rank well in Google. Your message should be user-friendly, not search engine-friendly, according to Google’s algorithm.

Let’s get started with some basic to intermediate article or content writing suggestions.

What Is The Best Way To Write An SEO-Friendly Blog Post?

  • For blog posts, conduct keyword research.
  • Make a point about the blog post’s core theme.
  • Write for User not for Search Engine
  • In the title, use keywords
  • Make a URL that is SEO friendly.
  • Make a blog entry that is at least 600 words long.
  • In blog postings, provide both internal and external links.
  • Use Descriptive Illustrations

Final Words

Spend at least 5 minutes considering what you’ll be providing for your blog’s viewers to read. Are they satisfied after reading your piece, or will they go on to another blogger’s post?

This way, you can observe how many people like your content and how many don’t in Google Analytics, and make modifications to your article as needed.

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