How to watch Jane All episodes?

JJ Johnson is the creator of the upcoming live-action animated family-adventure TV series Jane and fans can’t wait to see it on screen. The show will be produced by the Jane Goodall Institute and Singing Ship Entertainment. How to watch Jane episodes is what fans want to know after watching the trailer of the show.

Ava Lewis stars as nine-year-old Jane Garcia, the show’s protagonist, while Mason Blomberg plays Jane’s best friend David, Tamara Almeida plays Maria, Elise Baumann plays Annisa, and Samantha Walks plays Tony. These five actors are the main cast of the series.

Winnifred Zhang, Mars Horodisky, and Alicia K. Harris directed the series. Jane Garcia, a ten-year-old girl, will be the main character of the series, a budding environmentalist who undertakes many tasks to protect endangered species. Her trusted friends will be shown traveling with her.

The aim of the live-action drama series is to create awareness about endangered species. Who doesn’t love going on adventures with their friends and experiencing the thrill of dealing with unexpected twists and turns? For all animal lovers, the series will be a real delight.

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What can we expect from Jane?

The show will introduce viewers to Jane, a nine-year-old aspiring environmentalist working to save endangered species. Through her imagination, Jane embarks on an epic journey to help and protect wildlife around the world with the support of her best friends, David and a Greybread Chimpanzee.

Jane Apple TV+ Cast
A cut from “Jane” (Credit: Apple TV)

Jane Goodall, Jane’s hero and one who lives by the adage “If only we understood, we would care,” serves as an inspiration to her. Jane and her friends’ first adventure is to save an endangered species of polar bears in the Arctic.

This will be followed by their work to save another endangered species, sharks. The teaser also portrays Jane as a vibrant youngster who values ​​close bonds with her mother and friends. She has a vivid imagination, which her biological mother encourages.

Audiences will worship the monkey just as they worshiped the majority of previous chimps because it is adorable. Throughout her travels, Jane will face challenges to overcome with the help of her friends and a sharp mind. When she doesn’t live in a fantasy world and protects endangered species, she leads a normal life.

Is there a trailer for Jane?

Yes, below is the amazing trailer for Apple TV+‘s new series Jane. The series stars Ava Louise Murchison as Jane Garcia, Dan Abramovic as David, Josh Allen, Mason Blomberg, Sam Marra, Tamara Almeida and Maria Bello as Maria.

What time will new episodes of Jane come out?

Jane will have a total of 10 episodes with each episode lasting between 30 and 55 minutes. The show has already released all its episodes till April 14, 2023.

How to watch Jane episodes?

Below is the streaming guide for each country. To watch Jane episodes, check out the streaming details.

CanadaStream episodes on Apple TV$6.99 per month
Central AmericaStream episodes on Apple TV (AM/CST)$6.99 monthly
UKStream episodes on Apple TV$6.99 monthly
IndiaStream episodes on Apple TV$6.99 monthly
JapanStream episodes on Apple TV$6.99 monthly
AustraliaStream episodes on Apple TV$6.99 monthly

Jane Episodes Index

EpisodeTitleAir Date
1Sea BearApril 14, 2023
2Carcharodon carchariasApril 14, 2023
3Apis melliferaApril 14, 2023
4Acerodon jubatusApril 14, 2023
5Cavealis GangeticusApril 14, 2023
6Balaenoptera MusculusApril 14, 2023
7Danus PlexippusApril 14, 2023
8Two Horned DicerosesApril 14, 2023
9The Rangifer EnclosureApril 14, 2023
10Panthera tigrisApril 14, 2023

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