How to use Registration lock attackers won’t be able to take over your account

Finally, once you’ve set up your PIN, get started Registration lock By going Settings > Account and toggling Registration lock. If this feature is enabled, attackers won’t be able to take over your account and register on a new device like they did with the Twilio hack mentioned above.

Protect your screen

It is important to ensure that what happens in the signal stays in the signal. This means keeping people from seeing what you’re doing there from the lock screen or when switching apps. There’s not much point in having an app for sensitive messages if it pops up on your display every time you receive one.

To turn off Signal lock screen notifications on iOS, go to your phone Settings > NotificationsThen scroll down and tap signal > Show previews > Never. On Android, the process is similar. From your home screen, go to Settings Then Apps & Notifications, where you can turn off all notifications. If you want more granular control, you can find the same steps right in the Signal app, no matter what platform you’re on.

Tap your profile, then Notifications Then show, you can choose whether to display the name, content and actions for incoming text; Just a name; or nothing. You can also mute notifications for a specific conversation for a set amount of time by tapping on the message thread, then the contact header. Mute. You can silence a contact’s notifications for an hour, a day, a week, or a year.

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If you’re on Android and want to enable Signal notifications, you can disable Smart Replies by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > modern and making sure “Suggested actions and replies” are turned off. Google says it keeps Smart Replies private by processing them locally on your device, but the safest bet is to limit Signal interactions with the rest of the operating system.

Signal also has a screen lock feature, which requires either your password or FaceID or TouchID, something you use to get into your phone—to view app contents. In the Signal app on any platform, tap your profile, then ConfidentialityThen toggle Screen lock On option. Android gives you a bit more granularity Screen lock inactivity timeout An option that allows you to set the attribute after a certain time.

You want to start too Screen Security, which will prevent signal contents from appearing in your app switcher. On Android, select your profile ConfidentialityAnd switch on Screen Security. If you’re using iOS, go to your profile and tap Settings > ConfidentialityAnd start Hide screen in app switcher.

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Make messages disappear

You can always delete messages manually, that action only applies to your own phone. The people you’re chatting with still have it on their devices. To ensure that the conversation is deleted on both ends of the thread, you should receive “disappearing messages” instead.

Signal now lets you enable disappearing messages in all new chats by default, which we highly recommend. go Settings > Confidentiality > Default timer for new chats, and select the time you want your messages to disappear by default. You can select preset options from 30 seconds to four weeks or set a custom time of your choice. Note that enabling this setting only applies to new chats and does not override the settings of chats you had before turning it on.

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