How to use Microsoft Defender on all your devices

Microsoft Defender, The The company’s security app, now available to anyone with a subscription to Microsoft 365, is an online productivity suite that includes Word, Excel and more. Unlike previously released Microsoft Defender software designed specifically for Windows computers, this version is available Windows, Android, macOSAnd iOS equipment.

Owners of Windows computers don’t have to sweat it without Microsoft 365; Microsoft still preinstalls software on Windows to protect against viruses and other malware. That software is now branded as Windows Security. Aside from accessing a security dashboard where all your connected devices are visible, Windows owners have no added incentive to download the new Microsoft Defender app.

Microsoft is expanding protection options for Mac and smartphone owners who use Microsoft 365. However, not all devices get the same protections. For example, on a Mac, anti-malware protection is provided by Microsoft Defender, but Web Protection is not.

On the other hand, iPhones and Android devices can use web protection from Microsoft Defender. Web Protection runs a virtual private network on your smartphone in the background and tries to intervene if it detects any dangerous hyperlinks. Microsoft claims that data from your browsing history is stored on the device and not shared with the company. Learn more about VPNs and maximize your digital privacy with WIRED Senior Writer and Reviewer Scott Gilbertson’s Best VPNs Guide. In addition to web protection, anti-malware protection from Microsoft Defender supports Android phones.

The new Microsoft Defender app is designed to be used exclusively by users such as families and individuals. Although the names are the same.. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint A specialized security suite for businesses. Microsoft will help you understand the endpoint version and how to do so on its website Switch between accounts.

If you are not a Microsoft 365 subscriber But if you want to get Microsoft Defender, the individual plan costs $70 per year and the family plan for up to six people costs $100 per year. With a subscription to Microsoft 365, you get access to OneDrive cloud storage, along with online and downloadable versions of popular software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. (If you’re looking for a free version of Microsoft Word, check out this article from WIRED contributor David Nield.)

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