How to set Volume Limit on Android/IOS 2022

How to set the volume limit on Android/IOS 2022 : You might know that using headphones while listening to music or podcasts on your smartphone might damage your ears depending on how loud the volume is turned up. Your inner ear has extremely sensitive structures, and stereocilia, microscopic hair cells, are responsible for converting sound waves into electrical impulses that your brain can comprehend and analyze. Hearing capacity might deteriorate over time if these damaged cells are not regenerated.

Experts advise limiting the noise entering your ears to 70 dB or below, or roughly a washing machine’s loudness, to preserve these stereocilia. Hearing loss can begin to occur after just two hours of exposure to noise levels above 85 dB, which is the same as a gas-powered lawn mower.

Many cellphones and headphones will be much louder than this, frequently reaching 100 dB or even slightly higher. At such a volume, hearing loss is conceivable after just five minutes—comparable it’s to being at a noisy nightclub. The likelihood of suffering major harm increases with exposure time.

Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t disregard the volume settings on your smartphone or on your actual headphones. Your ears will thank you if you resist the urge to increase the volume.

Even better, if you don’t want to constantly adjust the volume, you can put a cap on how loud it can become. This feature is especially useful if you’re on the go and unsure of precisely what volume the device is set at. Although iOS devices make this process simpler, Android smartphones also provide alternatives.

Setting Volume Limit in Iphone

Volume Limit

Apple cares so much about your hearing that if it notices you’re using headphones to listen to audio at a volume that’s too high for an extended length of time, your iPhone will automatically show a warning. The level will be reduced for you the next time your headphones are connected after this warning displays, however you may turn it back up if you’d like.

In addition, you may command your iPhone to intervene more forcefully and dampen sounds that exceed a predetermined decibel level in real time. Select Headphone Safety under Sound & Haptics in Settings. Select your setting by turning on the Reduce Loud Sounds toggle switch. You won’t have to guess entirely because iOS will provide some help.

Above this setting you can see how many headphone notifications your iPhone has given you in the last six months. For a more detailed reading of your headphone listening habits, head over to the Health app included with iOS Browse, hearing and headphone audio levels. You can see how long and at what volume you’re listening.

There’s one more step Apple recommends to make sure it all works properly: classifying your Bluetooth devices so Apple knows how to manage them. To categorize a device, select from Settings Bluetooth, then tap the blue info button next to the headphones you’re using. On the next screen, select Device type And choose Headphone. (Headphones made by Apple are automatically detected.)

Setting Volume Limit in Android

Software menus vary between phone manufacturers, so finding the right setting on Android can be complicated. We’ll guide you towards the right options in the Android version for Samsung’s Galaxy phones, but if you’re using a handset from a different smartphone manufacturer, the process should be very similar.

From Settings, select Sounds and vibrations. Then tap the three dots (top right) and select Media volume limit. You can turn the feature on here and adjust the slider underneath to set the maximum volume level you want—there’s even an option to set a PIN to protect this setting (for example, if you’re configuring a child’s phone).

Volume Lock is an easy way to set restrictions on Android.

Volume Lock App For Android

Volume Limit

Android being Android, there are many third-party apps you can use to limit the volume on your device. One of the best is freemium. Volume lock: This not only limits how loud the volume can go, but also lets you do it based on the type of audio, so alarms are louder than music, for example. A one-time fee of $5.49 unlocks all options, but media volume can be limited for free.

Alternatively, give it away for free. Volume Limiter, Volume Lock A look. It lets you set different volume limits based on the audio outputs you’re using (speakers or headphones), it puts warnings about high volume right in the notification bar, and it’s straightforward and intuitive to use. There is also an option to exclude certain apps from the volume limit.

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