How to Play PS5 Spiderman on PC

How to play PS5 Spiderman with a PC. If you have a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS5 or have purchased the PS Plus Premium subscription, you can play the game on PC. That includes Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. in order to play PS5 Spiderman on PC turn to streaming, either with the PS Plus PC app or with PS Remote Play.

How to Play PS5 Spiderman on PC

As mentioned above, there are two ways to play the PS5 version of Spider-Man on PC as listed below:

  • With the PS Remote Play app
  • With the PS Plus PC app

We’ll go into more detail on both methods below.

With the PS Remote Play app

This is probably the best method if you already own Marvel’s Spider-Man and/or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It doesn’t require you to have an active PS Plus subscription. All you need besides the game is:

  • A PS4 or PS5
  • A compatible DualShock 4/DualSense controller
  • At least 5MB internet connection, but faster is better
  • And the free PS Remote Play app

The best part is that the PS Remote Play app is also available on mobile devices, both Android and iOS, and not just on PC.

How to play PS5 Spiderman on PC:

  1. Open Settings in the top-right corner, then select System.
  2. Select features available in sleep mode from the power saving option.

    Enable both “Stay connected to the internet” and “Turn on PS5 over the network”.

  3. Go back to the system menu, select Remote Play and enable the option.
  4. To install PS remote play.

    Sign in with your PlayStation account and select the PS5.

  5. Start Marvel’s Spider-Man or Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales.

With the PS Plus PC app

If you’ve purchased the highest PS Plus subscription – the Premium tier – both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Mile Morales are available to stream on PC. This is done through the PS Plus PC app. Similar to the PS Remote Play app, it requires very little:

  • A PS Plus Premium subscription
  • A DualShock 4 controller
  • At least 5 MB internet connection
  • PS Plus PC app

To get started:

  1. Install and launch the PS Plus PC app. Make sure your PC meets the system requirements.
  2. Sign in with your adult PSN account.
  3. Plug in your compatible controller.
  4. Select the click to use controller icon in the top right corner to the left of the minimize button.
  5. Find Marvel’s Spider-Man and enjoy!

With this you will be able to Play PS5 Spiderman on PC. If you need more Spider-Man in your life, he will be in the new Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Also, Spider-Man: Freshman Year was revealed at Comic-Con earlier this year.

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