How to Perform Optimized keyword research for SEO

Hey guys, in this post we’ll talk about how you can perform super optimize keyword research for your websites SEO. Let’s suppose you have a website, you have a business, and you want to make sure you are targeting the right keywords, you want to make sure that you are using the opportunity of reach more people with specific keywords, you will also discover new keywords with this tool which is the Google Keyword Planner

So we’ll go ahead and jump into the tool. And we will start doing keyword research so you know exactly how to do it.

Optimized keyword research for SEO

Let’s start right now. Here we are on Google Keyword Planner And we are right now inside the keyword planner. If you are not here, of course, you can come to tools and settings. And under planning you have the keyword planner option.

These Google Keyword Planner is by far the absolute best solution that we have available right now in the market to do keyword research.

Why? Because Google is the biggest company, the biggest search engine in the war. And they have data about all these keywords about all these searches of the people in your city in your country and all over the world.

I am doing every single second here on So people come here to Google to search for specific keywords and keyword phrases. And right now in this tool, we can access this information, we can know how many people are searching for specific keywords.

So how do we use these, we see here that we can discover new keywords, this is the first option. And the second box is saying get search volume and forecast. So we are going out right now to discover new keywords.

And remember that this interface that you are seeing right now changes all the time. So probably if you are seeing a different interface that’s totally fine.

You can choose the options you have available right now the process is the same. Okay. So let’s go right now to discover new keywords. And here, we have the option to start with keywords or start with a website. So if you have a website, I can click here. And I can just enter my URL, and Google will go to my website. And it will search for the keywords that are relevant for the specific website.

This is good if you have a competitor, let’s say I have a competitor. And I know his website, I can just come here and enter his website and Google will go to my competitors website, which is great for us right and scan the website in identify what are the keywords that they are targeting, on this website, how many people are searching for these keywords, and how they are serving how they are ranking for a specific keyword, which is fantastic.

So if you want to discover how to work for your competitors, you can come here and take a look. But for now let’s start with keywords, which is the easiest and fastest way to do it.

So let’s say that, we need to use an example here. So let’s use an example that I have a website that I want to rank for SEO and it’s a website about intrapreneurs, about companies about working online, starting your online business or topics around that area. On my website, I cover all these specific subjects.

So we can hear and we start brainstorming, we’re going to start with one keyword or if you if you know by the by the fact that you have more than one keyword on your mind, you can put all the keywords here you can keep adding the keywords before we do that.

Below that we have the language so you can choose the language where in which you can search and you have the location. So if I want to share it search only for English within the United States, I can choose this if my business work only in the United States, if my website is in English.

So Google will search worldwide, all these keywords and these will resolve to me. So it’s up to you to decide if you want to search half the data of the keywords within your city, your country, or all over the world or you can choose different countries if you want to.

So in my case, I’m going worldwide. You see all the locations in English. So now I can start adding my keywords. So I can add here first start business. I hit enter and I can add a second keyword. For example, let’s say intrapreneur.

I can add a third keyword if I want, let’s say, online business. And I will go with these three. For now you can start with one, or you can start with multiple, that’s up to you.

Excellent. I can also add a domain here to filter as a domain. So if I know that my main keywords are startup business, intrapreneur, and online business, for example, and I have my website, I can add my website URL here, and Google will search these keywords within my website. I am doing keyword research.

Now, right now, my goal and your goal too, is to discover new keywords that maybe we don’t know right now that we don’t have on our mind. But keywords that are related to what we have. And people all over the world are searching for these keywords. We want to discover this keyword and start using it. I will demonstrate that to you in this post.

So let’s click on get results to start seeing data. Excellent. You see here we have a spreadsheet with some results. Let me show 50 results. So we have more information to work with. And we have the first column as the keywords.

These are the keywords that we just search that we enter manually here in the tool we have. The second column is how many searches are about these specific keywords every month monthly searches for this keyword, we have the three month changes percentages, we have the competition, this is more the other columns are more, if you want to create ads on Google or on YouTube, that will be interested for for you like the top beat or the the top page bid, the higher and the lower range.

This is all information that is irrelevant. If you want to create ads. In this case, we are not. We’re not running ads. For this example, we are just doing keyword research for SEO. So you didn’t you don’t need to worry about this right now; the only columns we want to look at here are the first one, which is the keyword itself. And how many searches are for each keyword. Right

That’s what we want. So we see here that when we start a business, we have up to 1 million people every month going to Google and typing the phrase, start business. So people go there and they type start a business, over 1 million people are doing that every month, this is great.

We have a huge potential here. And, we have up to 10 million people going to go every month and type in the word intrapreneur. So this is an old keyword that is relevant to my business, in this example, and I see that we have a good number of people searching for that. So if I come here, and I see that only maybe 100 people or 1000 people are searching for this every month, these may be not a good keyword because it have low searches.

we have just a few people every month, go to Google and search for that. So we want a large volume of people searching for the specific keywords. And now, let’s say I’m starting this website, I have these three main keywords in mind. And I don’t know of any other keywords. So I want to search for opportunities here. I want to discover new keywords. So what do I do?

I go down here and you see that we have the keyword ideas in this area. And all these keywords below are specific keywords that people are going and searching on Google every month. And I related with the keywords that I entered in the first place. So you see here, startup, up to 10 million people are searching for a startup on Google every month.

So maybe if I am an intrapreneur, an online business website, and I am not targeting the startup keyword, this is one clear example of how powerful these guys because right now I know that people all over the world up to 10 million people every month, I come in uncertain for a startup so I can start staggering these specific keywords.

Also small business ideas, up to 1 million people every month are searching for this. So maybe I can create an article on my website thinking about SEO right.

About how you can have ideas for small business because people are searching for small business ideas. That’s the phrase they are typing on Google search, right?

So if I have an article about that, I can put my article within the Facebook, the Facebook, not the Google results, and I can attract more people to my website organically. That’s the end goal of SEO. Also online business ideas. This is an old Greek phrase: up to a 100k 100,000 people every month come to Google and search for that.

We have here intrapreneur, we have best business ideas, we have the star Top commerce business, we have a startup ideas this another one that I can use up to 100k people, every month, type of Intrapreneurs, I can create an article about the type of entrepreneurship on my website. And we see that up to 100,000 people every month are searching for that another great opportunity for SEO. So let’s look at more women intrapreneurs, we can do an article about that, or a video about that great idea here.

Home business ideas, to 100,000 people every month searching for that online selling, maybe I can do something like that, because we’re talking also about online business here on this website, social entrepreneur, another great topic.

So you see that I’m capturing great keyword ideas here, just from this first search, I can copy these keywords, I can paste that I can use that on my search, I can perform a new search about these keywords. So Google will provide more and more and more data. So the best way to do this is just to select the IDs that you want the keyword Yes, you can just copy this, click in here and copy. And you can open it like a text node.

Let’s see here, open a new document. And I can just paste. So you see that I have all the keywords that I selected here from the list here on this notepad. So right now all the keywords are here. For me. This is keyword research.

This is the easiest way to discover new subjects that you can create topics in new keywords that you can use for SEO. I hope you can hear and you perform the search is powerful. And this is as I told you, the best tool that we have so far to perform this kind of research because we are talking about Google here and Google is the biggest search engine in the war. Please come here to Google keyword ideas. Perform your IDs just use one keyword if you are not sure on how to do it.

Copy at least 10, 20, 50 keyword ideas that you can start using for your SEO. And with that you have everything you need to continue for keyword research see you in the upcoming post

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