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How To Make Money From Youtube [Tried & Tested way]

You see that lots of people who earned millions of dollars from youtube videos, after seeing these people you also decided to jump into youtube to do this too. So, if you are one of them who don’t have ideas on how to make money from youtube? 

Then you landed in the right place…

Read this article from start to finish to know about it, In this article, I’ll give you some best ways to make money from youtube. 

So, let’s get started… 

Affiliate Marketing 

Nowadays, affiliate marketing booming and also a good source of YouTubers’ income.

Doing affiliate marketing is an excellent option to earn money from youtube channels, you noticed lots of youtube creators doing this. They teach you about particular products. After that, at the end or in between of video they tell the audience to check out video descriptions if they are interested to buy these products.

To start affiliate marketing you need to do is join affiliate programs and promote affiliate products by videos description and include your affiliate link, so that whenever someone successfully buys any product from the affiliate links you earn money as an affiliate commission. 

For Example – A YouTuber who makes review videos on electronic devices and shows features with their audience, then tells them to purchase an audience from the video description’s links, if any of them buy, you earn affiliate commission from it…

But remember, whenever you promote any affiliate product with your audience, they only buy products from your affiliate link if they really trust your opinion and give them valuable information which helps your viewers. 

Earn From Youtube Adsence Income   

One of the best ways where mostly YouTubers make money is where youtube runs ads in your youtube videos if you are eligible for a youtube earning program. Youtube only allows to show ads for those who completed 4,000 hours of video watch time in the past 12 months and also have at least 1000 subscribers, after completing these youtube rules, then your youtube channel is ready to enter in Youtube partner program and earn revenue by showing ads on youtube videos.

Make Sponsorship Videos 

Did you know, lots of YouTubers with good numbers of subscribers earn a handsome amount of money more than adsence ads revenue.

You are surprised to hear that, but it’s TRUE.

You see, lots of YouTubers earn money from sponsorship, there are some brands who contact YouTubers to give sponsorship. 

The advantage of this is that when youtube pays money to you they cut some percent and distrusts remains money to creators but in sponsorship, you tell your sponsorship amount directly to brands and decide money.

Collect Crowd Funding 

If you have a loyal youtube subscribe then you ask them to donate some amount of money to you. 

You can use any popular crowdfunding website that can track your all records which are best for you. 

Kickstarter – One of the big names in crowdfunding management website companies, many big creators also used this platform to do this.

Sell Your Own Merchandise  

This is one of the best ways where many big creators who are famous around people, launch the online store of their merchandise where they sell different types of t-shirts, bags, and the list goes on. 

Basically, they are doing a small business from youtube – that amazing right? 

This merchandise idea only will be successful when your subscribers trust you and you have face value around your followers. Maybe you see your favorite who has a massive fan following on youtube and they promote their merchandise product to youtube audiences. 

Earn From Youtube Live Superchat

This method works better on gaming channels especially, because while doing live stream gameplay lots of subscribers send super chats to creators and write some messages on it. Total amount earned from the live stream, youtube cuts their commission and pays you reaming amount to your bank account.

How much money can you really earn from youtube? 

The answer is – there is no limit, maybe you make millions of dollars or earn only hundreds of dollars from it. It totally depends on how much you do hard work and give quality videos to the audience on youtube. 

You will be shocked to know that an only 9-year-old Child YouTuber who earns millions of dollars from a youtube channel, I’m talking about Ryan’s world.

How To Make Money From Youtube [Tried & Tested way]

In their videos, they review and unbox children’s toys. According to a Forbes report, Ryan’s youtube channel is one of the most earned YouTubers in the world.

Final Thoughts On Youtube Earning

I hope you enjoyed it after reading this youtube earring method which YouTubers used to make money from youtube and enjoy their own life very much. You also do this too from youtube but you have to build an audience for it.

To do this you have to give valuable information to the audience which solves their problems. In this journey you must be uploading youtube videos regularly, I won’t tell you to upload videos every day, I’m only told that you must follow an upload period be build a large audience on the youtube community. 

If you like this post then share it with your friends this information. Thank you so much for giving your valuable time on reading this article.

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