How To Get More Traffic on Pinterest

Want to Get More Traffic on Your Website?

Then you should create a Pinterest account, cause day by day increase Pinterest users, In 2021 Currently 478 Million Users on Pinterest are all over the World.

Let’s see How to Get More Traffic on Pinterest?

So first, we have to focus on the quality of the images which we are going to post on Pinterest. Quality is more important than quantity.

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Pinterest Images Size

Now the question in everyone’s mind is that what should be the size of the image. Let’s see what type of image can perform well on Pinterest.

How To Get More Traffic on Pinterest

Also, we think about where can we start and what kind of images are worth posting on Pinterest?

Your pin is useless if your posted images are not different from other images. Because you didn’t get your traffic until someone clicked on it. And someone clicks on your image only when your image is different from all other images.

You can convert your Pinterest traffic into your website traffic and move your social media or your affiliate platform to any other platform.

What are Pinterest pins actually do? High-quality images create a buffer between your traffic and your site. Your Pinterest pin excites visitors to click on it and you get your traffic from Pinterest to your desired website

How to get high-quality images?

If you can capture images on your own then it is the best. But if you are not a good photographer then you can hire someone who can take good pictures for you. And if you don’t want to hire someone you can buy royalty-free images from popular sites like pexels, Freepik. That professional images can fit in with your niche.

Creating A Funnel

The image you are placing inside Pinterest should lead to good quality content. For example, if you are selling anything and want to share your content, then the images you have posted on Pinterest should take you to your website, which you want to share.

If you are giving a solution to any problem, then something should be seen inside the image of your interest in such a way that after seeing people, they know that after clicking on it, I will get the solution of my problem. Look, the first thing people will see on Pinterest is the image itself. Image is what people will see first. That will be your first impression, if the image is not good then people will not click on it.

He will click on it because he is interested in it. If we talk about the people who have come to the site of Pinterest because they want a solution to their problem. So don’t get confused with those who have pinned the image.

That’s why when anyone clicks on a peen, he gets whatever content he has clicked for. It is the responsibility of the one who has pinned it. This thing is not only about a beautiful image but it is about an image that takes the beholder to the desired place.

What happens many times, the one who is about to pin it on Pinterest pins an image, so that people are very interested, after seeing his image, immediately click on it. After clicking, it takes you somewhere else where the user does not want to go.

This is what we call miss leading content, and it can affect your Pinterest board. And at the same time, the bounce rate of your website that the rest of your images are targeting may also increase. So definitely keep in mind that the content on which you want to send your traffic is related to the one whose related you have created the images.

Finding Trending Pins

Now you understand how to send us traffic to your website from Pinterest. But what type of images should be uploaded on Pinterest so that more and more traffic of our traffic comes from the printer to our website.

How To Get More Traffic on Pinterest
Search Trends on Pinterest

Traffic will come from Pinterest to our website only when visitors to Pinterest click on the image posted by us. Now we need to know what kind of images we should upload to Pinterest. So for that, we have to know about the trending, what type of trend is going on right now.

So for that, we have to go to Pinterest to see whose pin is actually trending and reverse engineering it. And related to the type of pins that will be trending, we can create pins and write their related content on our website. And because of that pain, we can bring traffic to the content written on our website.

Whatever topic will be trending, definitely more and more searches will be happening on that topic. And because of that, more and more people will have an impression of our uploaded pins. If our image will be different from all other images then definitely our image will get clicks. And with the help of those clicks, we will get traffic to our website.

So how to make pins and what types of pins? For that, we have to find our niche-related trending on different platforms. What kind of trend is going on? For that, you can see which pin has got the most clicks and views, and likes. And related to the same, you can create your own pins and write their related content on your website.

Best Tools To Automate Pin

There are many types of tools available in the market today, which make your work easy. To upload images inside Pinterest, you have to come in front of your computer from time to time and upload your pins i.e. your images. But in today’s time, many tools are available in the market to make this work easy. Which will keep uploading your high-quality images from time to time, so that you can schedule your images in advance. And you can schedule it for any length of time you want.

And there are other tools in which you can connect more than one social media account of yours. So that whenever you upload anything on any social media account, it will automatically be uploaded to the rest of the social media accounts. You will not need to upload it every time by logging into a different account. And this I make your work very fast, your time will be saved a lot. It’s not just for Pinterest but it can be of great use for other social media platforms as well.

And this amazing tool is MiloTree.

How To Get More Traffic on Pinterest

I hope that whatever I have written in this article will be very useful for you.

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