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How To Get More Likes on Instagram using These Tips

Are you searching for an effective way to get more likes on an Instagram post?

Then, stop purchasing likes from third-parties websites or apps, because it has fake likes and it’s not an effective way to grow your account.

These activities affect your account very badly, maybe account banned, shadowbanned after using third parties websites.

But Do you know Instagram tries to hide likes count, do they still matter?

The short answer is YES.

In April 2019, Instagram running experimenting to hide likes count on posts for Canadian users. But after that, Instagram expands its testing limits and include new countries like Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, and Japan.

But, the Instagram algorithm continued working as it always after hiding like counts from posts – Instagram says.

After hiding like count in some countries, many creators on Instagram are happy and some are feeling sad.

After hiding these like counts many creators feel the freedom to upload more creative posts without worrying about their competition’s likes.

And some of the creators noticed their engagement rate decreased and got less like because their audience isn’t able to see likes on a post and they think their posts are irrelevant.

Always share high-quality Images & Videos

The audience likes to see high-quality images in their Instagram feed.

On Instagram, image and video matter a lot to increase engagement rate and attract more new audience to your account, if you upload high-quality photos or videos every time.

That means you need to upload high-quality photos every time to get attention from new audiences.

There are mainly two types of images uploaded on Instagram. One is Photos and the second is designed images.

To share normal photos, just add any filters and hit post buttons.

But if you make a designed image. Then, makes sure images have good combinations of text fonts, color patterns, and so on. A well-designed post performs very well and makes a new audience if you add value through your posts.

 Upload images that are sharable

If you want more likes and comments then share relevant posts which like to see by audiences. Try to make a sharable post.

To find a sharable post, analyze your past posts which have more likes and comments.

But, If you have a fresh Instagram account then see your competitor’s account in your niche and analyze which post has good likes and comments ratio.

After doing this, you have an idea of which types of posts you need to share on Instagram.

Remember, don’t copy their exact content, try to make a relevant post that gives you more engagement.

Add CTA in every Instagram post caption

If you want more likes and comments, then ask the audience for this.

Maybe, you see many Instagram posts which have CTA ( call to action ) in their caption or images.

Because a post that has a CTA message gives you more engagement rate.

To get more likes, then add a CTA message in the caption or image “Double-tap if you agree“, “please like this post”.

For more benefit, you also add overlay text on images to boost likes and comments.

For example- On Instagram, Foundr regularly shared engaging, motivational quotes to an audience and also add a CTA message for more likes. This strategy helps to get more followers too.

Best time to upload Instagram images

Uploading Instagram posts at the correct time gives you more reach and engagement rate.

A study from Track Maven found that 10 pm-3 am is the best time for more reach and engagement.

In this time frame, very few people upload their posts, so you got a chance to perform very well and got more attention from a new audience in your account, because of low-competition

But that’s doesn’t mean, this time is best for your account because every account has a different audience, interests.

So you need to experiment to see which time is best for you or also use Instagram analytics to know when your audiences are online.

Expand Instagram content through Cross-promotions

If you have a good amount of people on other social network platforms, then share on it to expand your post visibility and reach.

However, when you upload a new post, then you also share a post on Facebook, Twitter.

But all of these social media platforms have different content ratio sizes, so you need to customize content for each platform that is perfect for their audience.

Add useful Comments & Likes in your niche

You also heard, commented on other Instagram posts to get more followers and likes.

Hit like on other Instagram posts in your niches, gives more account visibility in front of new and targeted audiences.

Apart from that, you also add useful comments in your niche, these comments should not be spammy or simple. Try to give them value from your comment or help someone if they have a question.

From this, you got more attention in the comment section, then people visit your profile and you get a targeted audience very quickly.

This is one of the best effective ways to connect with new people and expand your account in front of new audiences.

Run Giveaway content for more Engagement

Another great way to get more likes is running contests or giveaways to grab users’ attention in your post and tell them to like, share and comment.

In a giveaway contest, you need to add a CTA message in the caption where you tell giveaway rules to an audience, where you ask them for like, share, tag anyone, and comments to participate in a giveaway.

You can also ask the audience to tag someone’s account in the comment box. It gives more new audience automatically.

Because if you tagged someone’s account, they also like your posts.

Always use relevant Instagram hashtags on posts

On Instagram, hashtags matters a lot, if you use them wrong, then the account doesn’t grow very well.

Using a good Instagram hashtags strategy gives more benefits including more likes, comments, followers, and overall engagement rate.

Making your own branded hashtag is a pro tip to grow followers number. Many big brands and influencers also use these types of hashtags for their account.

Because, branded hashtags define your company or brand name, tagline, and campaign running on Instagram.

More posts on branded hashtags, helps more audiences connect, and also help new people to discover your account through branded hashtags.

To increase post numbers on branded hashtags, ask people to use your hashtags while they upload posts.

Avoid choose super-popular hashtags

Instead of looking at the super-popular hashtags which have millions of posts, it’s better to go with relevant and smaller hashtags.

If you are confused about which hashtags give more reach, then go to a competitor’s account in your niche to see which hashtags they used in their post.

After doing this you got an idea for using correct hashtags, then apply the idea in your hashtags strategies.

However, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, but you don’t need to use 30 hashtags in every post it looks spammy.

Try to use 12-18 relevant hashtags in the caption, and even you also add hashtags in the comment box.

Use hashtags in Instagram stories

After adding hashtags in the caption and comment box, try to add hashtags in your stories too.

Use at least 10 hashtags including 1 clickable hashtag in every story

Whenever anyone searches for a hashtag, they also see the collections of stories that used hashtags in their stories.


Hope you find useful information that helps you to boost your Instagram post very easily. If you have got any questions or suggestions with this post then comment down.

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