How To Get Black Dragon in World of Warcraft

The Black Dragon is one of the most popular mounts introduced in Phase 1 of the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic Expansion.

WotLK from World of Warcraft Black Dragon

Introduced in the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion stage 1 the Black dragon is a mount that rewards players for successfully completing one of the Obsidian Sanctum achievements. This is a flying mount available to both horde and alliance player

How to get the Black Dragon in World of Warcraft WotLK Classic?

While no longer notable or rare, the Black Dragon was once one of the first relatively difficult mounts to obtain during a raid in World of Warcraft. To do this, you had to (and still have to in WotLK Classic) defeat the Obsidian Sanctuary’s only boss, Sarharion, in 10-player mode… With an added challenge: his three dragon companions around the roosts. who go by the names Shadron, Tenebron, and Vesperion!

  • Important: Although it looks impressive, this “achievement” can be achieved by players with very weak equipment. It requires little preparation and equipment.
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The Obsidian Sanctum is very special in that if it only has one boss and lots of “trash mobs”, executing (or not) the three mini-bosses it has will not only change the quality of the loot, you get after defeating Sartharion, but also whether or not you get the coveted Black Dragon. So there are three possibilities:

  • Only Sartharion is alive when you face him, you are eligible for the basic 10 player loot table (item level 200)
  • A mini dragon boss is alive when facing Sartharion in battle. In addition to the loot that can normally be obtained, new level 200 loot pieces are available.
  • Two mini-boss dragons are alive when engaging Sartharion, new level 213 loot is available in addition to the normally available level 200 loot
  • All three Drake mini-bosses are alive when facing Sartharion in combat. The Black Drake mount is available in a copy in the chest once the boss is defeated, in addition to the level 200 and 213 rewards normally received
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In order to successfully defeat Sartharion and his three lieutenants at the same time, you must first ensure that you defeat all of the putties inhabiting this small stage. When you face Sartharion in battle, everyone will start attacking you and… It just makes the battle impossible.

Aside from completely stripping the raid of the presence of all putties, there’s no real strategy to know before attempting this feat. Just come well equipped and master the strategy at your disposal to minimize the impact of the disadvantages suffered.

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It should be noted that a priest is more than desirable for him prayer of strength and be Prayer for protection from shadows and a paladin for him Aura of Fire Resistance or a shaman for him Fire Resistance Totem. . Heavily equipped tanks can make all the difference, especially when it comes to fire resistance.

If successful, all players in the raid will receive the following rewards in addition to level 213 coins in the chest and a copy of the Black drake per raid:

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