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How to fix drift on PS5 controller?

Let’s take a look How to fix drift on PS5 controller. PS5 is one of the most famous platforms for gamers. Nevertheless, they have some problems with the work, for example, the DualSense drift. If after reading this article you have a problem with controller drifting, it won’t be there.

Before solving this problem, you need to know what is this problem and whether you are facing this problem or not. So basically this is the problem that occurs when the game automatically makes a move or anything happens in the game without the players touching the control button. This means that the game continues by itself without the player’s involvement.

Several users reported drift on PS5 controller issue for their PS5 DualSense controller. Now you know the problem and if your game moves without using the controls then you are facing this problem. You can solve that with the given method. We have also listed the possible reasons for this problem. So before you buy a new controller and spend your $70 thinking the controller is to blame, read through this article.

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How to fix drift on PS5 controller?

1. Fix the entry threshold

The input threshold is a spot on the thumbstick that most of the time has no movement. So if there is just a small problem with the drift, you can remove it.

To fix this problem, go ahead with any game and there you will see an option to change the size of the controller’s input threshold in the controller settings. After going to this option you can increase the size of the threshold on the stick. And after you do this, drift on PS5 controller will be fixed and without using the controller your game will not move.

drift on PS5 controller

2. Cleaning the DualSense controller

Most of you never clean your controller and this can be a possible reason for this problem. If you’re one of them, you should start cleaning now.

The reason for this is that when you play for a long time, your hands get sweaty. Sweat leaves residue all over the controller. Because of this, some dirt gets into the thumbstick and can cause the DualSense drift. So, start by cleaning your PS5 controller.

To clean the controller now, you can use cotton swabs and highly concentrated isopropyl alcohol. Choose the alcohol with the highest concentration as it contains the least water and will prevent water from damaging the controller.

Turn off the controller before cleaning. If not, it can cause more problems. Soak the cotton in alcohol and gently wipe the cotton on the controller around the thumbstick

Games on PS5

drift on PS5 controller

Do not use more alcohol as it can get into the controller, use a limited amount. Clean the bearing properly as it is the part of the controller where dirt usually gets inside.
You can also blow away any dirt or small particles that might get into the thumbstick. Or you can use compressed air or a dust blower to remove the dirt. While cleaning, rock the controller back and forth to remove dirt from all sides.

3. Raise and rotate the thumbstick

Once you play the game and move the control and click the thumbstick in a certain direction for so long, you can see that the thumbstick only moves in one direction.

Once you try to fix this problem, you need to lift the stick in the opposite direction and rotate it in that direction. The thumbstick is re-centered and the PS5 controller drift is fixed.

Games on PS5

Games on PS5

4. Reset and update

If these solutions don’t solve your problem, you may need to reset or update your DualSense controller. To update this you will need a paper clip or safety pin. First turn off the controller. Then find a hole on the back of the DualSense controller and insert the paperclip for five seconds. Then the controller is reset. After that, you can use the controller and check if the problem is resolved.

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