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How To Find trending Audios On Instagram For your reels 2022

Welcome, folks! Today we’re going to be talking about all things trends on Instagram; how to find trends, how to know if it’s a trend, how to save them to create them for yourself. So we’re just going to dive in deep on trends when it comes to Instagram reels.

Now let’s go ahead and jump into first finding reels on trends.

Getting Started to Find Trending Audios On Instagram

All right, so now I have my Instagram app pulled up right here. And I’m essentially just going to show you what I am thinking of when I am coming onto the app specifically to find trends that I might want to create for my Instagram reels. And so the first thing you’re going to want to do is hit the little reels explorer, right? It’s at the bottom of your screen, right in the middle, and it’s like a little reel icon.

trending Audios On Instagram

So if you tap on that, it’s going to take you to the reels explorer page, which is essentially reels from mostly people you don’t follow, and you’re able to just scroll and only view reels with any app.

So when I am doing this, my process is essentially to just scroll, see what’s happening, see what trends might be happening, and what I might want to create. I’m going to give you a few insights into what makes something a trend.

So I’m gonna go ahead and tap over into that, turn my volume up a little bit so you can hear what I am hearing when it comes to these trends. And let’s go ahead. I’m going to pull it up right now. So I’m just going to go ahead and look through. Okay, so this looks like a photo dump.

trending Audios On Instagram

And if we tap on the audio to one thing that can actually tell you if a real sound audio or music is trendy, see how there’s a little arrow right below where it says his original audio says every girl, lover girl, something like that. And then right below it says it has a little arrow like pointing up right next to versus 21k reels.

And so that tells you that it’s a new trend that is currently trending within Reels. And so if you’re curious, like if you want to jump on trends that are more relevant or a little bit more new and fresh, this is a really good way to do that. So we just got lucky. The first one was a trending reel. You can also find out what is popular at the moment.

Explore To Find trending Audios On Instagram

You can look through different reels that have used the trending audios on Instagram to see how people are using them. This one doesn’t even look like it might be a specific trend. It’s more than just a trending sound. I don’t think there’s really a trend that I can tell.

Well, this isn’t a lot more photos, like a photo dump. But then this is like a morning aesthetic thing.

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These are just random videos. So I guess the idea is to share things really fast, like photos or videos of something. So yeah, this was a great trend to jump on. So I’m going to save the reel by tapping the little three dots. And then I just hit save. And that saves it into the Save to that section of my Instagram. So let’s go ahead and keep scrolling here. But that’s actually the real thing I just posted, so I’ll just keep scrolling.

And I’m like, my goal is I want to show you guys how you can also tell besides just seeing if the sound is trending, like if there’s a specific trend, um, I’m going to show you guys when I see a real pop up multiple times, and then I’m like, Oh, that’s a trend that’s happening that I haven’t seen before. And really doing this, like I usually for my own account, I usually am doing this maybe once every month.

Like it’s not something I have to do all the time. But if you’re on Reels anyway, just for fun, like you’ll take notice of the trends are happening. And if you’ve seen a trend before, how long it’s been on there, and all that stuff. Let me just keep scrolling for a minute or so. And I’ll show you guys once I find example when I see a sound multiple times, and then that could trigger to oh, this is a trend that’s happening.

Okay, so here’s that same sound again, we saw in that like first real we looked at this is a really good indication if we’re seeing it again. That’s a good indication this is probably like trending and I will tell you like I haven’t heard that sound like I said earlier.

I haven’t heard that song before. So regardless of whether it says trending like in the sound with that little arrow I know this is a new trend. that’s happening, it’s something I might want to jump on. If I want to jump on a more recent or irrelevant trend, this is actually kind of cool because it tells you like how long.

So I’m gonna say that because it tells you how many photos and how long to make each of your photos. So if I want to like edit this in in shot or something, I can easily do that, and actually have a detour on my channel about that. So we’ll link that down below too, if you want to check that out.

I’ve actually seen this trend, showing off our celebrity crushes and who we marry multiple times, not only within reels, but also within people that I follow. And that’s another way to find trends too. You don’t always have to come a year, you can just use the time you’re already spending on Instagram. If you’re on Instagram for fun. If you follow people that you love like other creators, you can just take note of

What reels are People making? What sounds are they using? What are some new things that are happening?

And so I already know like I’ve seen multiple people do this. So I’m like, It’s a trend that’s happening. If I wanted to do it, I could I probably won’t, doesn’t really make a lot of sense for me, but

This one actually, I went back. This is a really good example of a trend that doesn’t die, which is what I actually wanted to talk to you guys about next. So when are you thinking about finding trends on Instagram, one thing that I want to honestly encourage you with, I think that will be really encouraging for you as you’re thinking about finding trends and coming up with ideas is that trends don’t really die on reels.

I know for a fact when reels came out literally over a year ago, it’s like any year and what two or three months now that that sound was really popular. And yet, it’s still being used in a real that that person just created and got a bunch of traction on right. So I really want to encourage you that while new trends can pop up and can totally pop up most of the time, those new trends are coming over from Tik Tok.

And not really like starting within reels, which is really interesting. And another thing too is that those trends tend to not die very much. And what I mean by that is for example, like there was this trend where you are like snapping. And it was like a really popular travel trend where it’s like didn’t look good. That was really bad.

But basically, that like happened on Tik Tok, probably three years ago, and then on reels a little over a year ago when it first came out. And I saw a video literally like a month ago of someone who used that trend. And their video blew up on reels and you’re like,

What in the world, which is just crazy to think about because it’s like, yeah, like it literally was a video that a real trend that they created that happened forever ago. And so I really just wanted to point that out too.

But when I created that, I had so much confidence in creating that because while we do plan to go back and update it, you know, every few months with some trends that have been happening, I am completely confident that all of those trends, unlike sounds and audio and everything that I am linking in that download, are going to be relevant even a year or two years from now, unless something drastically changes in the way that it works.

which I don’t think it’s going to because I think the reason why trends don’t die is because it’s almost like a cultural thing within Tik Tok, like if you were to post a trend that happened a year ago, you know,

trending Audios On Instagram

It’s just that it’s very irrelevant on the app versus on reels, where it seems to still be very relevant. And I think the reason for that is that the audience is different. And the people who are on Instagram vs Tiktok are different from what they enjoy.

And if they care whether or not a trend happened a year ago now it’s happening now or I think a lot of people on Instagram too, aren’t viewing like trends, or for video enough to know if it was a trend that happened a year ago versus now you know. And so I just wanted to mention that as like an encouragement.

if you’re someone who is really worried about making sure you’re always jumping on the very newest trend and making that a priority. I want you to slow down a little bit and know that you do not have to be jumping on the newest trend every single day. And I don’t even do that. And I can still see so much growth in my reels.

And I typically feel my reels about one day per month. And so that means that there might be new trends that pop up throughout the next month. And I’m still posting trends that started like originated at least a month and a half two months ago.

Right. And so it doesn’t mean you always have to be up to date on the news. As trends, while new trends can give you lots of new ideas, right? And new things to create, it doesn’t mean that that has to be number one in your strategy because, it’s not something that’s a make or break, like whether or not your Reels are going to do well. So thank you for tuning in.

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