10 Amazing ideas to Celebrate the New Year During Covid

By | 28 Dec 2020

How to celebrate the new year during covid?
2020 was a very rough and heartbreaking year for all of us. We lost so many people this year. From amazon fire, covid -19 to Lebanon blast we bear so much. This year was very ominous but still, this year taught us so many things like:

  • How to praise everything we have instead of crying for things we don’t have
  • How to spend less and still be happy
  • How to live happily without parties and club

This year taught us the importance of family

This taught us how animals feel when they are captured in cages.

The main thing which 2020 taught us is everything is temporary, so live your life fully and be kind to everyone. Finally, 2020 is going to end in 3 days and 2021 is coming. So forget all the bad things of 2020 and start your new year with hope.
This new year eve will be different from others we celebrated till now. We are going to celebrate this new year in our homes. Therefore, there will be no new year grand parties and gatherings.

But don’t be upset you can still make your new fun, here are a few things you can do this new year by staying at home.

  1. Decorate your house for 2021

New Year eve should never go without glittering and Luminous decorations. So for 2021, decorate your house with glittering decorations, lights and light up some candles to make your new year even more beautiful.

  1. Make new year Deserts and Dinner
    Deserts and Dinner is the most important thing for the new year, so definitely you cannot take it out of your list.
    You can cook some tasty dishes for dinner and Pick out some delicious dessert recipes and start baking on 31 evenings.
  2. Get Dressed up

Just because you are celebrating this new year at your home does not mean you have to wear PJs. Buy yourself new clothing and shoes. Let this new year bring out the new you in you.

4. Make a scrapbook

2020 was a memorable year for all of us. So many misfortunes happen this year but we all should make a scrapbook which contains only the beautiful memories of 2020. So in future, it will give us hope that even in that pandemic we had many things to admire and praise.

5. Take pictures
Start this new year by clicking lots of pictures with your family members and friends.
Try new things and make weird faces and click…. click …..

6. Watch movies

As there are no specific movies for the new year but you can select some good movies and watch them with your friends and family on 31 night.

  1. Play a game
    Choose a game to play all night on 31 December with your friends and family members. You can play tombola, snakes and ladders, carrom board, ludo or anything you like. It will add fun and memories to your new year. You can click some pictures too while playing.
  1. Make a cocktail
    As new year eve nevers goes without beverages. You must add some soft drinks and some vine and scotch to your list. Mix some drinks and make a cocktail.
  2. Write down your resolutions

The important thing on new year eve is writing down new year resolutions. For 2021 also, we should write our new resolutions. It is the most fun thing to do, but it will only be helpful when you stay committed to your resolutions.

  1. Thank God

Last but not least is Thank God for making you see the new year. As thousands of people died this year due to COVID-19 but you survived this year.

In the end happy new year guys and congratulations you survived 2020. May this new year bring happiness and peace in your life

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