How to apply Melamate Cream on face, Melamate Cream side effects, where to buy Melamate Cream

Friends, I think it’s okay these days, but do you know about whitening cream, if not, we call it cream. If you also have to use this cream, first know the advantages and disadvantages of this Melamate cream, only then use it.

What is in this article?

What is Melamate Cream?

In addition to Ayurvedic treatment for many hemopathic and dermatological diseases, there are also many medical medicines. Melamate is one of them, a skin medicine. This medicine is mainly used to treat skin allergies known as melasma and chloasma.

This medicine is available in the form of ointment and by using it, skin spots, pimples, freckles and black spots of burnt cuts get glowing and beautiful skin.

How Melamate Cream Works

Melomet is a combination of three drugs, hydroquinone, mometasone, and tretinoin. The drug hydroquinone works to reduce the pigmentation of blemishes. Mometasone works by blocking the chemical messenger so that the infection does not develop on the face and removes the redness.

And with the help of tretinoin, it helps in the formation of new skin easily by removing the scars as it contains a lot of vitamin A. Melasma can be treated with these three medications, which will make the skin glow.

Components of Melamet Cream

Use of Melamet Cream (Uses of Melamet CreamBefore doing this you need to know its ingredient, the components of Melamet cream are as follows.

  • Hydroquinone
  • mometasone
  • Tretinoin

How to use Melamate Cream (Use Melamet Cream Kaise Kare)

Before applying Melamet Cream” How to Apply Melamate Cream on Face And how to use it It will be very useful for you to know this. Melamate should be used as follows:-

  • You use Melamet Before going to bed at night can do
  • Before applying this cream, wash or rinse your skin thoroughly with water.
  • After that wipe your skin with a soft and cotton cloth.
  • After wiping the skin thoroughly, take a little cream in your fingers.
  • Apply the cream on the dark stained area. If you want, you can also use this cream for dark circles, but after consulting a doctor.
  • After using the night cream, wake up in the morning and wash the skin well.
  • Avoid flammable materials after applying Melamet.
  • The cream is intended for external use only, so keep away from eyes, ears and mouth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Melamet Cream

Melamet cream ke interactions There are many, but just as it has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Since every person’s skin is different, they may see disadvantages instead of advantages, so we will let you know Benefits of Melamate And tells about loss.

Benefits of Melamet Cream in Hindi

Benefits of Melamate Cream are as follows:

  • The properties of Melamate cream remove blemishes.
  • Dark spots like pimples and freckles on the face are easily cleaned with Melamate.
  • This makes the new skin come out easily.
  • New cells are formed by removing dead skin cells.
  • By using this cream, problems like black heads and white heads are removed.
  • Acne scars and dark circles disappear with the use of Melamate.

Cons of Melamet Cream

All medicines are not suitable for everyone, so its side effects come before us, similarly the disadvantages of Melamate cream can be seen:-

  • Red skin
  • Jealousy
  • itching
  • Pimples and pimples
  • Skin allergies and skin diseases etc.

Melamet cream k side effects

Melamet Cream should not be taken without consulting a doctor. If you use it with all the right rules, you will see its benefit in your skin, but if there is any mistake, its side effects can also come your way. Like:-

  • If the rules given for applying this cream are not followed, the skin may become red, itchy, and wrinkled.
  • If you apply the cream and go out in the sun, this cream will have the opposite effect and may damage your skin. So use it only at night.
  • Keep children away from this medicine.
  • Breastfeeding women should not use this ointment, as the cream may cause side effects on the baby’s skin if it accidentally touches the baby.
  • Do not apply on blisters and green wounds, it is used for external use only. Applying melamate to non-healing wounds presents a different problem.
  • This medicine can catch fire easily, so after applying it, keep it away from flammable objects.
  • If you have any kind of skin allergy, this cream can aggravate it. Therefore, use it only after consulting a doctor.

Melamet cream is the result

With the use of Melamate Cream, old and dark skin cells are removed and new skin is formed. Uses of Melamet Cream You should use this cream like any other medicine by asking the doctor.

By using it according to the rules, you will be able to see good results and problems like pimples, scars and blemishes will be completely removed from your skin.

Where To Buy Melamate Cream

Friends, you can buy Melamate cream sitting at home from below given button.

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