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Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 84 reveals Shiki’s journey as Shiki and his grandmother visit Shiki’s mother. Shiki’s story continues after realizing that it is six o’clock and they must not hurry. Shiki then reaches the destination where he meets a mysterious woman who tells him about going to a hotel. Both call a taxi, which drops them near the hotel. Sayu talks to Shingo and thanks him for the drop and Shingo is very happy to hear Sayu thank her. As Sayu leaves, Shingo yells at her, reminding her to call if she needs anything and that she’ll pick up later too.

Shingo also reminds Sayu to stay at their grandmother’s house, where she won’t spend too much money, and to avoid going out at night. Sayu laughs knowing that Shingo has always been overprotective and replies that she knows. Sango drives the car, wondering why Sayu agreed to leave it alone. She remembers the past that guided Sayu from childhood. Shingo learns how much Sayu likes someone and it surprises her. Even when Sayu begs her to go with him, her members.

Shingo continues driving and realizes that something could happen, but she’s happy that Sayu won’t worry if something does. Meanwhile, Shiki arrives at his destination with his grandmother. Shiki’s grandmother will pick him up early and reminds him not to stay up late. Shiki tells her grandmother not to worry and says good night. He enters the room and learns that the next day is the first day of the school tour. Shiki starts thinking about his mother and his cell phone rings. He picked up the phone wondering who was calling at night.

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Shiki hears a woman’s voice and realizes it’s Sayu, but he calls her by her last name, Akino. Sayu asks Shiki if they can talk and he tells her that he can, wondering what’s going on. She reminds Shiki about the school trip and Sayu reveals that he won’t be with her. Sayu is surprised and Shiki explains that his mother was rushed to Asahikawa Hospital. Sayu asks him if he’s come to Asahikawa, and Shiki realizes that Sayu is getting things done quickly. Shiki reveals that he is staying at a hotel near the station and tells her about a spot he likes.

Sayu and Shiki talk about the Crystal Diamond and Shiki admits that while he was talking to Sayu on the cell phone, he thought he saw the Crystal Diamond with him. They both agreed that Crystal Diamond was beautiful. Shiki is now outside looking at the Crystal Diamond, but little does he know that a special surprise awaits him. Shiki hears Sayu’s voice near her and says that she feels the same. He wonders how Sayu got there. However, Sayu, who wants to be with Shiki, comes with Shingo. But Shiki un wa re that Sayu has come.

Shiki blushes and wonders why Sayu is in town. Sayu knew that she did this on purpose, that she wouldn’t regret being around Shiki. Sayu talks about the school trip and says she doesn’t want to leave Shiki. Sayu adds that they can go on field trips together. Shiki almost dropped his cellphone because he was still shocked and surprised that Sayu could do something for him. The chapter ends with Shiki and Sayu looking at each other.

Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 84 Release Date

The Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 84 will be released on September 13 September 2022. Shiki and Sayu’s secret love story continues in the next chapter of this manga as the two go on a field trip. Next chapter will be available on Tuesday. You can also check out Hokkaido Girls Are Super Adorable! Chapter 84 Online Raw Details.

Hokkaido gals are super adorable!  Chapter 84


Hokkaido gals are super adorable!

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You Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Mangaplus Online is the only official website known to provide the latest and previous chapters of Chapter 84. Hokkaido Girls Are Super Adorable! Other official websites have not yet confirmed that Hokkaido Girls Are Super Adorable! chapters. See you later Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 84 is released.

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