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How to Obtain a Hidden Ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you are wondering how to get the hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, then you are a trainer in the right place.

Pokemon Trainers are now in for an even more interesting and exciting series as Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet serve as an epic start to Generation IX. Experience meeting, battling, training and trading all new types of Pokemon in a brand new area that will make you love the game even more.

Over the years, Pokemon has continued to attract people’s attention as it became popular around the world. And the franchise has come a long way from the simple Gen 1 days with basic battle tactics, now with all the battle mechanics added.

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One topic that is now a hot topic among players in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is how to get a hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This article will guide you through the process and help you in your quest as a Pokemon Trainer and unlock your Pokemon’s full potential.

What is Hidden Ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

A Hidden Ability is a Pokémon’s secret attribute or skill that provides different effects and can be accessed through tough battles and complex tasks. Hidden abilities were first introduced in Gen 5, but it’s now back in Gen IX.

A Hidden Ability can give a Pokémon special powerful effects and they can be very beneficial once acquired and very powerful in the hands of a well-versed trainer. Like normal abilities, hidden abilities vary by Pokemon, and some of them are very unique.

Following are some known hidden abilities;

  • protein
  • Tinted lens
  • Fist of steel
  • Own tempo
  • Harvest
  • And much more.

But unlocking your Pokemon’s hidden ability can be very challenging. This can only be done by getting an ability patch or by following certain steps and strict requirements. But this article will guide you about it.

How to get hidden ability in pokemon scarlet and violet?

To unlock your Pokemon’s hidden ability, you need to get an ability patch. This item can change your Pokemon’s natural ability and allow you to unlock its hidden ability. You can achieve this by participating in difficult Thera Raids.

Tera Raid battles include Unrivaled Charizard, Eevee Spotlight, and Tyranitar (Scarlet Exclusive)/Salamens (Violet Exclusive).

What is Terra Raid War?

Terra Raid battles differ from Titans in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in that they grant HM moves after you defeat them.

These raid battles are not necessary to progress through the main storyline of the game. But they are necessary if you want to unlock your Pokemon’s hidden abilities.

What is an Ability Patch Item?

Ability Patch Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Ability patches are rare rewards for difficult six-star Terra raids. They are very rare drops, so luck is a factor in getting them. But with enough Terra raids, you’ll definitely get one.

After getting your ability patches, you can now use them to unlock your Pokemon’s hidden abilities.

Make sure your Pokemon has a hidden ability

As mentioned earlier, the Hidden Ability of your Pokemon depends on their species, But there may be times when your Pokemon doesn’t have a hidden ability. Yes, you heard right. That’s why it’s important to research the Pokemon you have first to get an ability patch.

Once you have an Ability Patch, you can use it to unlock your Pokemon’s Hidden Ability and it will start to snowball from there.

Ability Patches VS Ability Capsules

Note that your A Pokemon’s Hidden Ability depends on your Pokemon’s species. Don’t confuse an ability patch with an ability capsule.

The latter can change your Pokemon’s ability to another ability that is compatible with your Pokemon’s species but cannot unlock a rare hidden ability.

How to raise pokemon with hidden ability

You can also get new Pokemon with hidden abilities through breeding. In this process, you have to breed two types of Pokemon of the same type.

With this, you can get a newborn Pokemon with a hidden ability. The process is actually more complicated than winning Tera Raid battles, but you can breed many Pokemon with hidden abilities if you want.

Final Words – Get hidden ability in pokemon scarlet and violet

It covers everything about the question “How to get hidden ability in pokemon scarlet and violet”. Getting your ability patch is not only easy, but also an amazing experience while making the game more interesting.

Now, you have a whole new area to explore. Go out there and create Pokemon history. Greetings, trainer!

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