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Have You Seen Garaki Kyudai in My Hero Academia?

Here’s everything you need to know about who Garaki Kyudai is in My Hero Academia. Who is Garaki Kyudai in My Hero Academia? Explained

The final part of My Hero Academia sees some big changes in its story structure and missions compared to its previous arcs, and with good reason. The idyllic days of making friends and growing stronger give way to times of turmoil, and the villains of the show’s world rear their heads in quick succession. One of those villains is the doctor responsible for Shigaraki’s transformation into the last major villain, but if you’re like many fans, his appearance got you thinking: Who is Garaki Kyudai in My Hero Academia??

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the character.

Who is Garaki Kyudai in My Hero Academia? answered

From what has been revealed in the series so far, Garaki Kyudai is an established doctor and medical researcher in the world of My Hero Academia who deals with shadier dealings below the surface.

An incredibly skilled medic and an avid researcher of how quirks develop in the population, Ryudai is an authority on helping people understand how their powers work. He is known to have been involved with and worked at several hospitals around the country, and he wrote a doctoral thesis on the possibility that Quirks would eventually become so powerful and destructive that if not properly controlled they could destroy the world.

Because of this, he eventually allied himself with All for One. Convinced by the Big Bad of the World that he was the only one capable of controlling the ever-growing number of Quirks, Kyudai decided to help All for One achieve longer lifespans and gain the necessary influence, to absorb any quirk you want. He began experimenting on human test subjects to better understand how Quirks could be fused into a single body, and devised ways for All for One to use as many Quirks as possible.

He believed this would spare the world the destruction of out-of-control Quirks and created countermeasures to deploy should All for One fail to achieve their goal.

He also became a loyal ally of Shigaraki and the League of Villains. Still committed to his goal of controlling every possible Quirk, he decided to help Shigaraki gain the power of All for One and carry out her plan.

Did the doctor lie to Deku about his flawlessness?

However, it’s worth noting that Garaki Kyudai appears much earlier than My Hero Academia seasons 5 and 6. In fact, he’s one of the first characters viewers have ever seen.

This is because Kyudai is the doctor who diagnosed Deku as quirky early in the series. It makes sense since Deku’s mother probably went looking for a Quirk specialist to find out why Deku didn’t develop his Quirk despite being the right age.

Then of course the question arises whether or not he lied to Deku about not having a Quirk, but the chances that he does are slim to zero. At the time, there was no indication that Deku would inherit One for All, so Kyudai had no reason to try to get Deku to avoid hero work altogether. Likewise, his mastery of One for All thanks to his Quirkless nature shows that the diagnosis was correct, meaning Ryudai’s medical work wasn’t just a front to cover his more shady deals.

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Hopefully this has cleared up who Garaki Kyudai is in My Hero Academia. For more information on the series, see our related articles below. We also have lots of other My Hero content including a quiz to see which hero you would be and our thoughts on the Season 5 OVAs.

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