GTA 6: Is the trailer fake

The highly anticipated video game GTA 6 suffered a massive leak of early development content, with over 90 gameplay videos flooding social media.


Since confirming its future release, grand theft auto 6 (GTA 6) has become one of the most anticipated releases in video game history. Fans of the legendary saga expected months of silence from the developer rock star north before you even get a first look; Imagine their surprise when Videos of leaked gameplay suddenly flooded social media .

The treasure trove of illegal sneak peeks that surfaced in a post on the game site a few hours ago GTAForums contains about 90 video clips of the game complete with debugging code and working interfaces that helped support the veracity of the leaker’s claims.

Interestingly, the hacker (known as ‘ teapot chopper ‘ in GTAForums) also claims to be the person responsible for the recent Uber hack and says he obtained the video by gaining access to a Rockstar employee Relaxed account what the same modus operandi is. used in the virtual hit on the transport platform.

Videos of the project are currently circulating on social networks, showing its engine, the planned configuration and the first iterations of the game. The narrative, which will take inspiration from the infamous Bonnie and Clyde, aims to do just that Keep the satirical themes of the franchise during Creating a more inclusive tone .

GTA 6: Has it been hacked, leaked or is the trailer fake?
GTA 6: Has it been hacked, leaked or is the trailer fake?

The snippets posted by the suspected hacker also provide an expanded view Raids, NPC interactions, vehicles and more from his spacious sandbox. These elements delighted fans of the video game saga, whose influence on popular culture promises to continue to grow.

Several clips from the leak show both male and female protagonists , which dovetails with other reports on what to expect in the upcoming game. They also show the game taking place analogously in a fictional city Miami which in turn coincides with early reports of what GTA 6 will bring to the franchise.

Last Minute: They confirm the accuracy of the GTA 6 leak

Despite the convincing appearance of the GTA 6 leak, the specialist media were waiting for official confirmation of the leak. That came through Jason Schreier a journalist for Bloomberg the through his Twitter Account claimed that he was able to confirm the leak’s authenticity using various sources from Rockstar Games.

The journalist called it one of the biggest leaks in video game history: ” Not that there was much doubt, but I’ve confirmed with Rockstar sources that a massive Grand Theft Auto VI leak is popping up this weekend is real . The footage is early and unfinished , Naturally. That is one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games .”

For those who asked, there are several reasons why this is a nightmare for Rockstar. One is that it will stop work for a while . Another reason is that this can prompt management to do so limit flexibility when working from home . The implications of this leak may not be clear for some time ‘ he added in a second tweet.

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