Google Adsence Deadly Mistakes That Must Be Avoid Now

Almost every blogger has a dream to get google AdSense approval because Adsense is the popular source of income for beginner bloggers.  

But the main problems come when AdSense account suspend due to policy violence or some unknown mistakes against adsence terms & conditions.

So it’s necessary to know the reasons behind Google Adsense being suspended and avoid all of the mistakes next time whenever you got an adsence account.

Clicking on Your Own Ads 

everyone knows very well, AdSense gives money according to ads clicks and impressions but it doesn’t mean you doing spamming activities to increase earnings. Many people click on their ads serval times and wait for a handsome amount of money.

But it doesn’t happen.

If you do with your account then it’s time to STOP spamming as soon as possible.

Google only pays for valid ad clicks not any spamming clicks.

Placing Too Many Ads 

It’s true, more advertisements = more earning potential, but placing too many ads between content is a good practice to make a bad user experience.

Imagine, how much did you like a blog post with countless ads during reading?

Yes, you say correct, nobody likes to visit these types of blogs.

No one likes content which has lots of ads after every paragraph and sentence. So, you need only limited Adsense ads which are best for readers and google also. 

Placing Ads on Every Blog Pages 

Google Adsense allows everyone to generate blog income through showing ads on blog content, but it goes the wrong direction when trying to show ads on every blog page like Disclaimer, about us, terms and conditions, contact page, and so on, google strictly said that you need to placed ads on the content page only, stop placing it every blog pages, because it’s against of google AdSense rules. 

Stop Publishing Plagrism Content

One of the most important policies is to know, google never allows anyone to publish copied or similar articles on blogs, google always wants 100% original content from publishers everytime. 

Original content always performs excellently on google ranking, if you think publishing copied content from other blogs, then you are doing totally wrong because google algorithms are so smart to find plagiarism content quickly on the web pages. 

Stop Using Bots Traffics for Ads Clicks 

Some people tried to increase ad click counts through fake bots traffic, these types of blog traffic are useless because they are not real human being, google only pay you whenever real readers visit the blog and click on the AdSense ads if you want AdSense to account not suspended then stopped using bots traffic for this. 

Don’t Modify Adsense Code 

When your blog gets approved by Google Adsense, you will also get a specific ads code with this which helps google to understand placing ads on blog. But some people try to over-smart and they modify code to generate more revenue. 

This is one of the biggest google Adsense mistakes which is against Adsense account policy because in this ads code google targets their specific audience types for better user experience and if anyone is doing this then google quickly takes action against the AdSense to account for being banned permanently. 

Always Use Short Paragraphs 

No one likes content that has only texts without any simple sentences and short paragraphs break. If you noticed any widely successful blogger, they write short and simple sentences which easily understand audiences, even many times they write only one line sentences in blog content, so this writing format helps readers to read blogpost effortlessly and engaged with content also.

I also apply this useful technique in my blog content, where I used very short and simple sentences every time. This will help to increase readers’ engagements very high and decrease the bounce rate also.  

So always try to describe your points in a very simple words as possible for you, this will make articles more high-quality that reader loves to read content.

Never Publishing Harmful Content 

Google Adsense policy is strict against adult or harmful content in any website, if anyone publishes this content then google banned Adsense account sooner, so stop publishing these types of content if you want a safe Adsense account. 

Creating Multiple Adsense Account 

If you are one of them who created multiple AdSense accounts then pay attention to this, you don’t need to create multiple accounts for each website, having one Adsense account manages all websites easily. Adsense policy also said that you only need one AdSense account to manage multiple blogs. So, following these rules is good for Adsense’s health. 

Doing Malicious and Illegal Content 

If any website contains malicious and illegal links on their blog content, then maybe your AdSense account is at risk, because posting cracked or modified software is the reason for the account ban

Languages Doesn’t Support 

Every blog has a language where they share information to readers through blog content, so all of these written blogs have languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, and so on. Google allows publishing blogs in several languages. 

If you blog languages under their supported languages then it is very good for an Adsense account but if not then maybe your account will be banned sooner. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you learned something new from this blog post where I described google Adsense mistakes which most beginner bloggers do, so if you like this information useful then share it with your friend’s circle who need this type of information. 

I maintained which are necessary to know if they want their AdSense account to be 100% safe and didn’t want Google to ban their account. 

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