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Why did Gene start cheating on people again in Better Call Saul?

Why did Gene start cheating on people again in Better Call Saul? This week’s episode of Better Call Saul saw a pretty drastic change in Gene’s character that could have big implications for the last two episodes. And if you’re wondering why Gene decided to scam people again, here‘s what you need to know.

Why is Gene cheating on people again in Better Call Saul?

In all of the scenes we’ve seen of him over the past five seasons, Gene has been presented as a very cautious person who would rather spend nearly three hours in the garbage truck than take the emergency exit and risk the attention of the police to attract. However, in the episode “Breaking Bad,” Gene literally breaks bad and goes back to his Slippin’ Jimmy ways.

simply put, Gene starts cheating again because it’s his way of coping when things go wrong in his life. In this case, he’d just finished a phone call with Kim that had obviously gone very badly. He’s finally gotten to the point where he’s lost the person of Saul Goodman, his money, his legal career, and he’s got nothing. Add to that one of his signs said to him, “You only go around once,” and it’s likely Gene thinks he has nothing left to lose, so why not do what he does best?

During his scams, Gene also introduces himself as Viktor, which is a callback to the scams he used to do with Kim as Viktor and Giselle. Then it becomes clear that he’s performing these cheats again, not just because they’re a coping mechanism, but because he misses Kim.

What did Gene and Kim talk about on the phone in Better Call Saul?

That’s all you need to know why Gene started cheating on people again in Better Call Saul. Be sure to search Spotinkling for more about the show, including a brief explanation of what the black and white scenes mean.

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