Ganesh puja has been happening over 700 years on this blazing volcano in this country.

Let’s check out how Ganesh puja is done on a temple situated over the mouth if an active volcano.

There are a total of 141 volcanoes in Indonesia, out of which 130 are still active, which means that they erupt every now and then. One of these is a volcano on Mount Bromo.

Being one of the most active volcanoes in the world, tourists visiting Indonesia are not allowed to go to many parts of it, but the volcano is also dangerous due to its Ganesh temple (Ganesha at its mouth temple).

Ganesh Puja is performed at the mouth of an active volcano at Mount Bromo in Indonesia ……

It is believed that Lord  Ganesh protect them from volcano.

Mount Bromo means Brahma in the local Javanese language.

Although the temple here is of Ganesh. Locals believe that this statue has been there for 700 years, which was established by their ancestors. According to belief, this Ganesh idol has been protecting them even after being near the burning flame. This is the reason why a tribal group in the east, known as Tenggerese,

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Tenggerese has been worshiping Ganesh for centuries. This Ganesh temple is known as Pura Luhur Poten. The specialty of the temple is that there are different types of idols of Ganesh and all the idols are made from the frozen lava of the volcano.

Mount Bromo Indonesia , Ganesh Puja

Around 1 lakh people of this tribe live in 30 villages built around Mount Bromo. They consider themselves to be Hindus and Hindus believe in customs. However, some Buddhist rituals have also been added to their customs over time. Just like these people worship the Lord Buddha along with the worship of Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh). Special worship among all the rituals is of great importance in Tenggerese. They worship Lord Ganesh for 14 days every year in the Ganesh temple at the mouth of Mount Bromo.

This puja is called Yadnya Kasada festival.

Yadnya Kasada , Ganesh puja
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This puja is believed to have started from the 13th to the 14th century. There is also folklore behind it, according to which God gave 14 children to the royal queen who was childless for years, on the condition that on the 25th and the last child they would offer the mountain. Since then, every year the process of worship and animal sacrifice started. Even now goats are sacrificed here.

Apart from this sacrifice, fruits and flowers and seasonal vegetables are also offered inside the volcano. It is believed that worshiping Ganesh ji and offering fruits to the burning volcano prevents the eruption in it and if this is not done then this community will end up burning.

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This tribe has its own calendar. Accordingly, every year 14 days of worship are done. This 14-day festival is called the Eksotika Bromo Festival. During this festival, a big fair is held on the mountain in which the local people show many types of art. This is the reason why this festival attracts foreign tourists too. However, due to the continuously burning flame, the temperature here is high. For this reason, if a tourist has difficulty in breathing or has some kind of health problem, then he is not allowed to come here.

Active Volcano
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Here many methods of worship are similar to Hindus.

Just like the priests of our temple here, there are priests here, who are called Resi Pujangga. They help people in completing the law. Later, the priest’s son becomes a priest. There are three associates of the priest, who are known from Legen, Sepuh and Dandan in big festivities like Ganesh Puja lasting 14 days a year.

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