Free Microsoft Deal – 0$ for 10 users Microsoft 365 Business Basic (no credit card)

Note: This offer For Microsoft 365 is still valid based on my test results from May 2022. It automatically renews annually at $0. Feedback from users has been positive, but I’m not sure if it will last forever. No credit card required though.

Details of the item

The Microsoft 365 Business Basic Engineering Feedback program includes 10 licenses for free with annual renewal.

• Host email with a 50 GB mailbox and a custom email domain address.

• Create a hub for teamwork to connect people who use Microsoft Teams.

• Use Office apps for the web, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

• Store and share files with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user.

• Facilitate online meetings and video conferencing for up to 300 users.

• Get help anytime with 24-hour phone and web support from Microsoft.

More details:

It’s $7.70 per month per user for an annual subscription, which Microsoft lists the price on the website:

To do that, you need an account with Global Admin permission on your own AAD. Otherwise, you will get the following error message when you try to get business membership using work/school account.

In this case, creating a new global admin account after you add a custom domain to your own personal AAD.

1 Log in Azure Portal

If your work/school account does not have the Global Admin role you can use your personal Azure account.

2 After logging in to the Azure portal, click Manage Azure Active Directory

3 As this subscription is for business, a business email address is required to login and order the M365 Business plan.

We click Custom Domain Names in your left panel and then Add Custom Domain

4 Add a custom domain

5 Verify the domain

6 Add a Txt record from your domain registrar’s website.

I am using Cloudflare to manage dns records.

4 Done adding custom domain

Buy M365 Business Basic for 0$

1 Create a new Global Admin user from AAD

2 Assign the Global Admin role

3 Purchase a subscription using this URL

4 It will ask you to log in to the Office 365 website using your work/school email. You can use the one we just created to login.

5 Choose 10 users for license and order with annual renewal for 0$

6 Click Check Out Now

7 Payment Method – Invoice

Solve the problem

Before assigning a license to a user, you must assign a usage location to this user. Otherwise, you will get the following error

“License not assigned”


A license cannot be assigned to a user without specifying a usage location.

Edit the user and assign the country Point of use:

After this step, you can assign a license to your user:

You can get an invoice notification, but the cost is $0.

And the process is likely to repeat itself. You can do this multiple times to get more than just 10 licenses to use.

Azure Subscription VS Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Subscription

Microsoft online business services such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure require Azure AD for sign-in operations and to assist with identity protection. If you subscribe to any Microsoft online business service, you automatically get Azure AD with access to all free features.

When a user signs up for a Microsoft cloud service, a new Azure AD tenant is created and the user is made a member of the Global Administrator role.

All your users have one the house Directory for authentication. Your users can also be guests on other directories. You can see the home and guest directories for each user in Azure AD.

Microsoft 365 and Azure use the Azure AD service to manage users and subscriptions. Azure Directory is like a container in which you can group users and subscriptions. To use the same user accounts for your Azure and Microsoft 365 subscriptions, you need to ensure that the Azure subscriptions are created in the same directory as the Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Remember the following points:

  • A subscription is created under the directory
  • Users belong to directories
  • The subscription lands in the directory of the user who created the subscription. So your Microsoft 365 subscription is tied to the same account as your Azure subscription.
  • Azure subscriptions are owned by individual users in the directory
  • Microsoft 365 subscriptions own the directory. Users with the correct permissions on the directory can manage these subscriptions.

A screenshot showing the directory, users, and subscriptions relationship.

If you’re an Azure subscriber, you can use your Azure account to sign up for a Microsoft 365 subscription. If you’re part of an organization that has an Azure subscription, you can create Microsoft 365 subscriptions for users in your existing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Sign up for Microsoft 365 using an account with Global Admin or Billing Admin permissions in your Azure Active Directory tenant.


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