[Latest] Free Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF 2023

[Latest] Free Wedding Food Menu List PDF 2023 | Affordable Wedding Menu | Shadi Khana Menu List PDF 2023

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be perfect, from the dress and the decorations to the food and the music. However, planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to deciding what food to serve your guests. In this article, we will provide you with a Free Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF and some tips on how to plan a delicious and affordable wedding menu that your guests will love.

Free Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF 2023

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In India, weddings are more than just two people getting married – they’re also big celebrations of love and tradition. And a key part of any wedding is the food! The dishes that are served can show the family’s status and culture.

The food served during the wedding is very important and reflects the family’s culture and status.

This article is a complete guide to Indian wedding food Menu List Pdf. We’ll give you a list of dishes that you can include in your own wedding menu.

India has many different cultures and religions, and each community has its own special wedding customs. But one thing that’s important to everyone is the food that’s served to the guests. It’s not just a list of dishes, it’s a way to show the family’s place in society.

Below are some names of Indian food items that you can include in your festival to make it more special.

Wedding Food Menu List

  • Appetizers
  • Main Course
  • Sides and Salads
  • Desserts
  • Beverage


Appetizers are like the opening act of a meal or event. They help make people hungry and excited for the food that’s coming. They also show off how creative and skilled the chef is.

If you’re at a wedding reception, appetizers are especially important because they give guests something to munch on while they wait for the main course. They can also introduce guests to new and interesting flavors and ingredients.

Some popular wedding appetizers in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF Are:

wedding appetizers in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF
  1. Bruschetta – Toasted bread topped with diced tomatoes, basil, and garlic.
  2. Mini quiches – Small, savory pies filled with cheese, vegetables, and meat.
  3. Caprese skewers – Skewers of cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
  4. Spring rolls – Rice paper rolls filled with vegetables, tofu, and noodles.
  5. Meatballs – Small, bite-sized meatballs in a variety of sauces, such as sweet and sour or marinara.
  6. Crudité platter – A selection of raw vegetables, such as carrots, celery, and bell peppers, served with dip.
  7. Deviled eggs – Hard-boiled eggs filled with a mixture of egg yolk, mayonnaise, and mustard.
  8. Stuffed mushrooms – Mushrooms stuffed with cheese, breadcrumbs, and herbs.
  9. Spanakopita – Greek spinach and feta-filled pastry triangles.
  10. Shrimp cocktail – Poached shrimp served with cocktail sauce.

For vegetarian and vegan options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF include:

  1. Bruschetta with roasted vegetables – Toasted bread topped with roasted zucchini, eggplant, and bell peppers.
  2. Vegetable samosas – Small, fried pastries filled with spiced vegetables.
  3. Hummus platter – A selection of hummus flavors served with pita bread and vegetables.
  4. Falafel bites – Small, fried balls of ground chickpeas and spices.
  5. Stuffed grape leaves – Grape leaves filled with rice, herbs, and lemon juice.
  6. Vegan spring rolls – Rice paper rolls filled with vegetables and tofu.
  7. Mushroom pâté – A spread made from sautéed mushrooms, herbs, and nuts.
  8. Vegan meatballs – Meatballs made from plant-based proteins such as lentils, quinoa, or mushrooms.
  9. Edamame – Steamed soybeans sprinkled with sea salt.
  10. Avocado toast – Toasted bread topped with mashed avocado, tomato, and red onion.

Main Course

Picking the perfect wedding meal that matches both your theme and budget can be tough. But, with some clever planning and thought, you can select a delicious meal that will wow your guests while still being affordable. Remember to decide quickly and confidently!

Some popular wedding main course in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF include:

wedding main course in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF
  1. Grilled chicken – Seasoned and grilled chicken breast with a side of vegetables or salad.
  2. Beef tenderloin – Tender cuts of beef served with potatoes or vegetables.
  3. Seafood – Grilled fish, shrimp, or scallops with a side of rice or vegetables.
  4. Pasta – A variety of pasta dishes, such as pesto pasta or spaghetti and meatballs.
  5. BBQ – Grilled meats such as pulled pork, ribs, or brisket, served with sides such as coleslaw and mac and cheese.

For vegetarian and vegan options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF Are:

  1. Grilled vegetables – Grilled zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and mushrooms served with a side of quinoa or rice.
  2. Vegan lasagna – Layers of pasta, vegetables, and dairy-free cheese.
  3. Stuffed portobello mushrooms – Large portobello mushrooms filled with vegetables, rice, and cheese.
  4. Vegetable stir-fry – Stir-fried vegetables with tofu and rice.
  5. Vegan chili – A hearty chili made with beans, vegetables, and spices.

Sides and Salads

Sides and salads are important in a wedding meal. They go well with the main course and add different tastes and textures to the food. They also allow for different types of vegetables and grains to be included in the meal, which is helpful for guests who have certain dietary needs or preferences.

Adding some brustiness and prexpelitiy to it, “Sides and salads are a must-have in a wedding feast! They perfectly complement the main course and add a burst of different flavors and textures.

Some popular wedding side and salad options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF Are:

wedding side and salad options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF
  1. Roasted vegetables – Roasted carrots, beets, and Brussels sprouts with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
  2. Garlic mashed potatoes – Creamy mashed potatoes with a hint of garlic.
  3. Grilled asparagus – Tender asparagus spears grilled with olive oil and sea salt.
  4. Wild rice pilaf – A mixture of wild rice, mushrooms, and herbs.
  5. Mac and cheese – A classic comfort food that can be made in a variety of ways, including with different types of cheeses and toppings.
  6. Caesar salad – A classic salad made with romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing.
  7. Caprese salad – Slices of fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
  8. Quinoa salad – A salad made with quinoa, vegetables, and a vinaigrette dressing.
  9. Greek salad – A salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese, and olives.
  10. Coleslaw – A crunchy salad made with shredded cabbage and carrots dressed with mayonnaise or vinegar.

For vegetarian and vegan options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF Include:

  1. Roasted vegetable quinoa salad – Roasted vegetables tossed with quinoa and a vinaigrette dressing.
  2. Vegan Caesar salad – A version of the classic Caesar salad made with vegan mayonnaise, nutritional yeast, and tofu.
  3. Greek pasta salad – A pasta salad made with vegetables, olives, and a vinaigrette dressing.
  4. Vegan coleslaw – A coleslaw made with vegan mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar.
  5. Sweet potato salad – A salad made with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, and avocado.


Picking a dessert for your wedding is a big deal, almost as important as choosing the main course. It’s your chance to give your guests a sweet treat and make them remember your wedding.

Make sure you keep your budget and theme in mind, and don’t forget to consider any special dietary needs your guests may have. Be quick and decisive in making your decision, as it’s an important part of your special day.

Some popular wedding dessert options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF include:

wedding dessert options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF
  1. Wedding cake – A classic option that can be customized to fit any theme or flavor preference.
  2. Cupcakes – A fun and customizable option that can be made in a variety of flavors.
  3. Macarons – A delicate and elegant French dessert that can be made in a variety of colors and flavors.
  4. Chocolate truffles – Rich and decadent chocolates that can be customized with different fillings and flavors.
  5. Fruit tart – A light and refreshing dessert made with a buttery crust and fresh seasonal fruit.

For vegetarian and vegan options in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF include:

  1. Vegan cake – A cake made with vegan ingredients such as almond milk and coconut oil.
  2. Fruit skewers – Skewers of fresh fruit drizzled with chocolate or honey.
  3. Vegan cupcakes – Cupcakes made with vegan ingredients such as coconut milk and flax eggs.
  4. Sorbet – A refreshing and light dessert made with fresh fruit and sugar.
  5. Vegan truffles – Truffles made with vegan chocolate and coconut cream.

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional wedding cake in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF Are:

  1. Donut wall – A fun and playful way to serve donuts to guests.
  2. Ice cream bar – A customizable option that allows guests to choose their favorite flavors and toppings.
  3. Cheese wheel cake – A savory option for cheese lovers.
  4. Pie bar – A rustic and comforting option that can include a variety of fruit and cream pies.
  5. Dessert table – A table filled with a variety of desserts, such as cookies, brownies, and mini pies.


Having a variety of drinks on the menu for weddings and other gatherings is a great idea because it is very popular these days. When guests come, they enjoy having something to drink, and having a selection of drinks makes it easier for them to find something they like.

Some popular Beverages Included in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF Are

Beverages Included in Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF
  • Watermelon juice
  • Ice tea
  • Gola (a popular Mumbai drink)
  • Aam panna (a delicious and refreshing drink made from mangoes)
  • Mixed Fruit Juice
  • Cold Coffee
  • Lassi
  • Sarbat
  • Thandai
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice.

These drinks are perfect for staying hydrated and refreshed, and they add a burst of flavor and energy to any event.

How to Make Indian Wedding Menu List?

To quickly create a Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF, start by downloading the Free Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF I provided. Look through all the food options and choose the ones that appeal to you and your guests. Take into consideration what foods are popular in your area and try to include those in your menu.

Things to consider while Making Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF

When planning a Indian Wedding Food Menu List PDF in India, it’s important to take into account the diverse regional cuisines, the availability of seasonal ingredients, and the dietary preferences of your guests.

  • Include Regional Cuisine
  • Consider Guest Preferences

You should also consider your budget and make sure the menu fits within it. To make things easier, you can provide your confectioner with a list of desired dishes, like the one in the PDF provided, to ensure they prepare the food to your liking.

Tips for Planning an Affordable Wedding Menu List PDF

  • Consider a brunch or lunch reception
  • Choose a buffet-style meal
  • Serve beer and wine only
  • Skip the passed hors d’oeuvres
  • Serve a signature cocktail


Your wedding day should show off your personal style and preferences. With the help of Indian Free Wedding Food Menu List PDF format and some handy tips, you can plan a tasty and unforgettable meal for you and your guests.

Just make sure to stick to your budget and take into account any dietary restrictions your guests may have. Don’t worry, with a little bit of brusqueness and quickness, you’ll be able to get everything done in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own wedding menu instead of using the provided wedding food menu list PDF?

Yes, you can create your own wedding menu. However, the wedding food menu list PDF can be a helpful guide and provide you with some ideas and inspiration for your wedding menu.

Can I request a custom menu from my caterer?

Yes, most caterers offer custom menus. Just keep in mind that a custom menu may be more expensive than a pre-set menu.

How can I accommodate guests with dietary restrictions?

Make sure to include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options on your wedding menu. You can also ask your guests to indicate their dietary restrictions on their RSVP cards.

Should I offer a kids’ menu at my wedding?

It’s a good idea to offer a kids’ menu if you have many children attending your wedding. Keep in mind that kids’ meals are usually less expensive than adult meals.

What food should be cooked in marriage?

In marriage, whole vegetable buniya, gulab jamun paneer, dry vegetable, raita papad etc. should be cooked in this way.

Which dishes are made in marriage?

Pani Puri / Gol Gappa
Somosa Chaat

What should be eaten first in marriage?

On the day of marriage, first of all, some drink should be given, after that you should give some light food, such as a chaat, in this way, you can also give syrup juice of anything in the drink or give juice of any fruit. can

What is the cheapest food at a wedding?

The cheapest food in marriage is rice daal sabzi it doesn’t matter whether the food is cheap or demanded it only depends how tasty your food is

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