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Hey there! Exciting news! A new chapter of FFF-Class Trash Hero is out this week, and the best part is that we released multiple episodes all at once! However, I totally get it – as a fan, it can be frustrating not knowing when the next episode will come out. That’s why we need to keep an eye out for the FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 149 Release Date and Time and figure out when we can expect the next chapter to drop.

In the last chapter, we were introduced to the Chaos Elf race and discovered a new hidden path. It was a really interesting addition to the story. Also, we found out that everyone was willing to bid as high as possible because they believed it was the right thing to do.

Since there weren’t many bidders, the Chaos Elf was sold at a really high price, which made all the other expensive flowers and species in the Mister Wolf Mask auction disappear. The Chaos Elf established himself as a big spender, and no one could compete with him. To make things even more impressive, he even offered to provide a free escort, but the auctioneers only wanted his goodwill.

He got a big cart ready to load up all the stuff he got from the auction. They got to their destination pretty quickly and Lanuel was super thrilled when they arrived. Then, they asked her to go grab the porter and help carry the food. Of course, she started whining about being tired, but once he threatened to beat her, she quickly did what she was asked.

FFF-Class Trash Hero Recap

Next up were the Chaos Elves, who were then presented before us. A spell was cast upon them by using Hippolia magic. What surprised us was that they were able to move, even though they were shackled. But despite all of this, they didn’t try to run away. It was because they feared the wolf mask would harm them. They still wished to keep their pride and show gratitude for the help they received.

FFF-class trash hero manhwa
FFF-class trash hero manhwa

After that, he asked them how they knew the Elf King who seemed really unhappy. Apparently, he resembled their ancestor and their long ears indicated they were of royalty. What caught his attention the most was that they were Chaos Elves – a rare and fascinating race. They seemed unsure about Wolfmask being a true hero and suspected it might be some kind of trap.

Despite being slaves, the Chaos Elves revealed some information which was surprising. It’s intriguing to see this twist in the story since everyone had assumed Wolfmask was hiding his true identity as a hero.

FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 149 Release Date and Time

FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 149 will be released on 20 April 2023. The manga’s recent schedule has been inconsistent, so we’re hoping things will be more stable with more episodes to come. For now, we expect the next chapter to be released according to the following schedule, which you can use for different countries and time zones.

India (IST)Thursday, 20 Apr8:30 PM
USA (EST)Thursday, 20 Apr10:00 AM
UK (GMT)Thursday, 20 Apr3:00 PM
Philippines (PHT)Thursday, 20 Apr11:00 PM
Korea (KST)Friday, 21 Apr12:00 AM
Japan (JST)Friday, 21 Apr12:00 AM
Australia (AEST)Friday, 20 Apr1:00 AM

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Where to read FFF-Class Garbage Hero Chapter 149 online?

You can read FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 149 online at Kakao Page’s official website. To read more chapters of the manhwa, you can purchase more chapters on the Kako Page platform. Elsewhere, you’ll find manga webtoons with both free and paid options for fans. So to show support for manga creators, always make sure to use the above sites to read your manga.

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