Facebook Images won’t load? Here How To Solve This

Facebook is one of the oldest and most widely used social media platforms. We always expect it to be available, just a click away, ready to go and everything displayed in our news feed. But Facebook is not free from bugs and glitches, so sometimes we can’t post comments, send messages or view pictures.

It can be frustrating when Facebook fails to load images in News Feed and they appear as blank or black boxes. These are also called broken images and can fix broken ones.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

Why are Facebook images not loading?

It is easy to guess that Facebook failed to load images for a reason Bad internet connection. But broken images can be a sign of a much bigger problem. Here are some reasons why Facebook images are not displaying.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

1. Faulty network connection

Low internet speed is one of the most frequent reasons for Facebook not loading any images. Another is poor network connectivity.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

2. Cache

Your Internet browser and Facebook apps store temporary files on your device to help them work better. This is called cache and it can get corrupted and cause various problems. This may cause photos to not load properly on Facebook.

3. Problems with DNS server

The Domain Name System (DNS) translates webpage names into IP addresses so browsers can load them. There are different types of DNS servers, and each has a job to connect you to a webpage, online game, or other content on the Internet. They are directly responsible for your connectivity. If you have it Bad DNSYou can expect connection errors to occur.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

4. Facebook Free Mode

Facebook has a free mode that doesn’t use any of your data, but it’s only available with some mobile carriers. You can like, share and post comments, but videos and images will not be displayed in free mode. If your Facebook app doesn’t display images, you might have activated free mode.

5. Web browser extensions

Browser extensions and ad blockers make it difficult for Facebook to load images. You should check if the third-party extension is causing the problem by disabling your web browser. Anything from performance tools to pop-up blockers can cause Facebook images to fail to load.

6. You disable images

Some people intentionally disable their browser’s ability to load images and other content. In this way they reduce data usage and improve browser performance. If Facebook is not loading images, you should check if you have disabled the browser from loading them.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

7. Facebook is experiencing server problems

Facebook is an online service and there may be some connectivity issues on their side. This has happened before and many have experienced Facebook images not loading due to a problem with the Facebook server. Check for any official announcements about service interruptions.

How to Fix Facebook Not Loading Images

It doesn’t matter whether you use a browser or an Android or iPhone app to connect to Facebook, Facebook fails to load images on any device. Here are some solutions for browser and app versions of Facebook that will help you fix the problem.

1. Fix your internet connection

Facebook images not loading due to poor internet connection. There can be many different reasons for this and you should spend some time troubleshooting. First, check that you have an active Internet connection and make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth and that your ISP has no problems.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

You can also do an internet speed test to determine your upload and download speed. You can use the integrated Google Speed ​​Test or search for a free online version, there are many options.

2. Check the official Facebook server status

In the past, Facebook faced some server issues that brought down their service. Server outages happen from time to time due to various reasons. It could be a cyber security attack or simple maintenance. Before taking any other steps in fixing Facebook images not loading, it is better to check the status of Facebook servers.

A quick way to check if Facebook is working is to visit Downdetector and see if there are other reports of server issues.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

3. Reset the router

If none of these solutions help you stop Facebook images from loading, try resetting your router. If you don’t know how to reset your router, check out our detailed guide.

4. Check for latest app version

This solution only applies if you are using the Facebook app on your mobile device. Open the Facebook app, go to Settings and scroll down until you see the Contact option. Tap on it and the Facebook app version installed on your device will be displayed. You can also check Google Play Store or Apple App Store for updates.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

5. Clear browser cache and data

If a corrupted cache file is causing Facebook images not to load, the solution is simple. The method you use to clear cache and data depends on your browser. You probably need to go to your browser history and delete it from there. It is best to delete all cache, cookies and other temporary files.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

If you are a mobile user you can also clear app cache. To do this:

1. Open the app, tap the hamburger menu and scroll down Settings & Privacy.

2. Tap on Settings section, and scroll down Permissions.

3. Find out Browser Select the option and tap on it. Click on Clear button next to it Your browsing data.

6. Set the public DNS

The best way to improve your internet connection is to set up Google Public DNS. This is how gamers and professionals connect to different servers to get a stable connection. Here’s how you can set it up:

1. Open Control Panel. You can find it in the Start menu of your Windows PC or use the search bar.

2. Go Network and InternetAnd find out Network and share the center

3. Right-click the network your system is using and select Properties.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

4. Find and check IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) in the list of displayed servers Use the following DNS server address choice This will make disable options available.

5. Find out Preferred DNS server region, and type in Alternate DNS server Area Type

6. Apply changes by pressing Alsoand reconnecting to the Internet.

Try Facebook to see if it displays images correctly.

7. Clear the DNS cache

If your Windows PC is having network problems, you can always try resetting the network configurations. It may seem intimidating, but the process is quick and uncomplicated if you follow these steps:

1. Open Command Prompt. Find it in the Start menu and right-click it Run as administrator.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

2. Type ipconfig /release and press enter.

3. Next type ipconfig / new and press enter.

4. Finally, type ipconfig / flushdns and press Register.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

Restart your PC, connect to the internet and see if this fixes your Facebook images not loading issue.

8. Switch to Facebook Lite

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

The Facebook app is huge and with an unstable internet connection it has problems loading images and videos. To avoid this, you can choose to switch to Facebook Lite, a lightweight version of the Facebook app. This version of the app is designed for 2G network and won’t have any problems loading all the content when your internet connection is poor.

9. Disable ad blockers

Ad blockers can cause your browser to load pages slowly. This reflects an inability to display images properly on the Facebook platform. Try disabling them and see if that fixes the problem. They are likely installed as extensions to your browser, but they can also be in the form of third-party programs installed directly on your PC.

Facebook Images won't load? Here How To Solve This

10. Try a VPN

If Facebook is only a problem in your area then a VPN can be the answer to this problem. Maybe it’s a problem with your ISP or restrictions in your country. A VPN can assign you a new IP address and reroute your connection to Facebook through another server. Check out our detailed article on VPNs to understand how they work.

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