Eleceed Chapter 205 Release Date: Is Jevu Ready?

Another fight is coming with Eleceed Chapter 205. But it’s surprising to see how small the last one is. This is simplified when one of the top 10 accolades fights for control rather than directly against each other. It was amazing, but the match was over in no time. Flaming Flash (no, this is not a move in Manhwa).

After one of the Korean team’s manipulation issues, the top 10 members caught fire, nearly injuring our Korean competitor. But as he showed, he was better at manipulation and put out a lot of fire. But whether he wins or not is a different matter. He left the platform as per the rules of the opposition. Despite being declared a loser in the match, he won the battle.

Chapter 205 of Eleceed

Eleceed chapter 205 next match starts. We may also be told who wins in the second round, but it’s safe to assume that information will be revealed towards the end. Come to think of it, Zewoo is closer to his match than before.

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What is Eleceed Chapter 205 Release Date?

Manhwa comes out every Friday in South Korea. It’s coming out consistently every week, and the writers will let you know if they can’t deliver or go on hiatus. Eleceed Chapter 204 is available August 5, 2022

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9.00 AM (August 4, 2022)
  • Central Daylight Time: 11.00 AM on August 4, 2022)
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon (August 4, 2022)
  • British Summer Time: 5.00 PM (August 4, 2022)
  • Indian Standard Time: 9.30 PM (August 4, 2022)
  • Singapore Standard Time: Midnight (August 5, 2022)
  • Philippine Standard Time: Midnight (August 5, 2022)
  • Australasia Time: 2.00 AM (August 5, 2022)

Where to read Eleceed Chapter 205?

The webtoon is the only official and reliable source with the series available, and other sources do not endorse the author’s work. One good thing to note is that the official translation will be out soon after the official release.

CC: Eleceed Franchise

Eleceed Chapter 205 is available at any time. So even if you like the series, we ask you to be patient and use the official means as we cannot support illegal means that do not support the author. Fortunately, there are many other manhwajas of the present and past to suit your fancy.

What is Eleceed about?

In a story that can only be described as boy meets cat, martial arts and awakened magic are thrown into the mix. Jiwu is a cat lover who cannot leave a cat in distress at the cost of his own life. But there is a secret that separates him from everyone else. Kaiden is the Master who awakens with a fatal wound and is on the run.

He transforms into a cat to shake off his pursuers, but his wounds remain. What happens when a child with no friends thanks to his awakened abilities meets an awakened master who drifts like a cat? A story that cannot be found anywhere else.

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