EA doubles the Apex Coins price in Turkey

EA almost doubled the price of Apex coins in Turkey overnight, making them impossible for some players. While gunplay will always be the most important aspect of Apex Legends, cosmetics aren’t too far behind, with Respawn adding countless new designs with each update.

As a result, the community buys many Apex coins, which have a set price in each region.

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Well, some members of the community realized that coins were significantly cheaper in Turkey and started switching regions to buy the currency.

While this worked for a long time, EA has responded by nearly doubling the price of Apex Coins in the region, making it harder for players from Turkey to afford skins and cosmetics.

EA has increased the price of Apex Coins in Turkey.

EA increases Apex coins prices for Apex Legends in Turkey

As shown by the Apex Legends content creator KralRindo EA decided to almost double the price of Apex Coins in Turkey overnight.

This appears to be a measure being taken against non-Turkish players who are region-switching to the country so they can get cheaper Apex Coins.

Unfortunately, this has now had a negative impact on countless Turkish players, with some of them revealing that they can no longer afford to buy the currency.

“I won’t be able to buy skins anymore Sadge,” wrote one disappointed gamer, while another urged EA to “just block it at this point what the heck, before it was reasonably affordable… now it’s just absurd”.

It is clear that much of the Turkish community is frustrated that they have been penalized for the actions of players from other regions.

Considering the average wage difference between the US and Turkey, this price increase will leave many players unable to afford the currency unless EA finds another solution in the future.

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