Following the publication of Dragon Ball Super Volume 19

Dragon Ball Super Volume 19 is the newest manga volume that reveals the story of Saiyans and villains. This volume hit new sales as one of the most successful volumes in the manga market. Dragon Ball Super Vol 19 is still on sale. It will go on sale in early August 2022. This volume is available on various official platforms worldwide. Dragon Ball Super Volume 19 is one of the most interesting volumes of this manga that fans have been waiting for ever. Most fans of this manga know the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super, including the ones in this latest volume.

Volume 19 has an amazing story; Sales soared and millions of copies were brought in as many fans bought it. The war between the Saiyans and the Heat continues in this volume after Granola learns about his race and that the likes of Son Goku and the Prince of Saiyans are not his enemies. This is an interesting and fun volume to read for fans of this manga. Dragon Ball Super has reached an interesting arc revealed in volume 19 of its manga.

The manga would continue to release other interesting volumes, including volume 19, but this was the first volume that changed the manga market and fan interests. Volume 19 has intrigued fans since Granola’s arc became interesting and changed the entire series, which will be revealed at the end of Volume 19. Volume 19 continues after Granola, and Survivor Saga begins in Chapter 81. This volume is also called “A People’s Pride”. It revealed characters like Goku, Vegeta, Monito, Elek, Gas, Maki, Oil, Oatmeal and Granola. There are interesting battles in this volume, which will also be discussed below.

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Table of Contents

Dragon Ball Super Sales

After the release of Volume 19, sales of Dragon Ball Super increased. This volume started trending long ago and has sold millions of copies worldwide. It hit a new sales figure that rose faster than any other volume of this manga. Dragon Ball Super Volume 19 has reached an impressive new sales milestone after Volume 19 released overseas. Manga Granola reveals the climax of The Survivor Arc and fans are wondering when this arc will end because it has been going on for a while and the number of copies sold has increased.

Is ultra instinct The Limit of Goku’s Transformation

Volume 19 piqued the interest of manga fans and they continued to buy it because of the interesting stories and battles. Volume 19 became huge in Japan and other countries and its sales were also huge. After volume 19 the sales of Dragon Ball Super reached a huge number and it continues to grow as many fans are buying it. The latest manga sales reveal that Dragon Ball Super is still the best-selling manga, and many official sources report that a higher percentage of sales have taken place since the release of Volume 19.

Volume 19 of the Dragon Ball Super series sold 117,191 copies in its first week of release in less than a week since it was first released. This brought Dragon Ball Super into third place as the best-selling manga of the week. But overall, Dragon Ball Super Series has sold 134,246 copies as of early August 2022. It is the sixth best-selling manga of 2022. This proves that the manga fan base has grown and many are looking forward to volume 19.

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Dragon Ball Super Vol 19 Summary

Gas awakens his powers and destroys Goku and Vegeta using a paralyzing spell that immobilizes the Saiyans. On the other hand, Granola fights Elek and Gas teleports Elek from Grano’s attack. Granola scolds the Elects for killing his mother. He powers up an energy blast, but gas appears in front of him and cuts off his arms before exploding in his eyes. Elec puts himself to sleep after baking granola. Vegeta believes that Goku can handle things and gives him his last power. Goku powers up, breaks the gas spell and transforms into Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball Super Sales after the release of Volume 19

Goku and Vegeta

The two exchanged blows and Goku summed up the battle, wondering how he would defeat Gas. Monaito uses healing powers to heal Granola, but Gas notices it. Gas wanted to attack and Goku grabbed him and used instant transmission to teleport to another dimension. Later Goku and Gas crash on another planet near Jako, where Goku meets another enemy. Goku and Gas are also teleported to a galactic prison and face other villains. Bardock fought off the gas and fought a fierce battle. After a long battle, Bardock defeats Gas and explains his powers.

Gasping for unconsciousness, Maki reveals interesting news about Frieza. Monaito meets Bardock and praises him for winning the battle. Goku returns to the others at Planet Cereal and hears about Bardock’s return to Planet Cereal. Vegeta regains power and fights Gas, showing that he is the prince of the Saiyans. Gas is amazed by Vegeta’s powers and learns new about the Ultra Ego form. The war between the Saiyans and the Heat continues.

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Dragon Ball Super Latest Updates

Dragon Ball Super released its latest chapters online on Viz and Mangaplush. Dragon Ball Super Vol 19 is also available online on Viz but is not yet compiled as only the latest chapters are available. Fans who are waiting to read Volume 19 can start reading from Chapter 81 and when it ends, it will go on sale on Viz. The next chapter of Volume 19 is around the corner and this month will be the first and last chapter.

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