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Dom’s biggest homework, inner peace: Windbreaker Chapter 413 Release Date

Windbreaker Chapter 413 Release Date begins after Domu challenges Jay to a bicycle race where he loses. Domu is embarrassed, and the school makes fun of him for being rude to Jay. However, Mosquito’s father returns and confronts the gang of blondes who want to bow before them.

Bond gang leader decides to punish Domu’s father by calling him a bald monk. Motu’s father replies that no matter how the wind blows, the mountains will never bend. The bald monk punishes the blonde gang and leaves to meet his son. The chapter starts with Domu and his father getting separated because Domu’s father needs to go back to where he comes from.

Domu’s father says everything that Darong is good and he leaves the country. Domu is sad because he wants to learn something from his father. Domu’s father’s brother told him to come back safely. Domu’s father smiled and said “Namaste” to everyone before he left. As he was about to leave, Domu realized that he would miss his father and held his hand. Domu talked to his father about the question he asked last night. He revealed that he could not find an answer to that question.

Domu asks if he should follow his father and train. Domu wonders how he will find inner peace. Domu’s father replied that Domu had already found the answer and that he could not train with him because the person closest to him would become his master. Since Domu wants to become as strong as his father, he still can’t find inner peace and how his master. He believes that his father is the right teacher for him, but his father believes that Domu’s time will come after he realizes the truth and attains inner peace.

Previously on Windbreaker Chapter 412

Domu’s father asks Domu why he is going so far when he has already found the answer. He advises to be careful with the people around him, where he will find his true master. He made it clear that he was not Domu’s guru and convinced Domu to see the light. Domu’s father has left town and Domu is still curious about something.

Domu realizes that his father always gives him a riddle without straight answers, but since one day he is fine with it, he finds the answers. The next day Domu goes to school, and he is still distraught that his father is gone and has yet to find inner peace. Domu realizes that in order for him to become stronger, he must find inner peace, which is his biggest homework.

He writes something on a piece of paper and keeps thinking about “inner peace”. Domu had learned something the entire time since he had suffered from his thoughts. The teacher tells the student that the lesson is over and anyone can ask questions. Hearing that, the mosquito raised its hand. The teacher is happy that Domu has asked the question for the first time since joining this school.

The teacher gets excited that he will ask something that all the students will learn. Domu asks the Guru what he needs to attain inner peace. Students wonder if inner peace is part of math lessons. The teacher wonders why the mosquito is talking about inner peace instead of asking math questions.

But he believes that Domu can find inner peace in a calm environment, nothing to disturb, like playing golf on a sunny day with a soft breeze. Later, Domu asks Jae Jo about feeling inner peace. Jay reveals that he finds inner peace when reading, studying, eating their favorite food or being with Shelly.

Jay Joe - Windbreaker Chapter 413

Jay Joe

Windbreaker Chapter 413 Release Date

Windbreaker Chapter 413  will be released on 5 October 2022. Jay reveals that he and Shaylee are made in heaven, and just the two of them are the perfect definition of inner peace. Dom wonders if Jay will find inner peace when he kisses Shelly, and wonders if he should kiss a girl to find inner peace. But he takes his bicycle and says that his inner peace is the bicycle. Check out Windbreaker Chapter 413 updates below.

Read Wind Breaker Chapter 413 Online – Raw Details

You can read Windbreaker Chapter 413 online on official websites. Dom completes his biggest homework and finds inner peace, which will be revealed in the next chapter of Windbreaker. The Windbreaker manga offers free chapters, but it is sometimes delayed and offers two chapters a week. See you after the release of Windbreaker Chapter 413.

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