Domain authority vs trustworthiness for SEO

Welcome to this post, I’m happy to see you here. In this post, we will talk about domain authority.

This is an important concept that you need to know. And you need to specially know what is the ranking on the domain authority for your website. I’ll show you how you can check that. And by the end of this post, you will know exactly what’s the number what’s the ranking on domain authority for your specific URL.
First, let’s talk about the concept.
What is domain authority?
Here we have the definition Domain Authority is a way of predicting how well a website will rank on search engines. And it’s calculated taking in consideration multiple factors, including linking root domains, number of total links and the strength of those links.
With that will have a number a ranking between one and 100. So your domain authority could be anywhere from one to 100. A higher score means the stronger the website is and the more chances to rank higher on the search engines. And the opposite is for lower scores. So let me show you how you can check your domain authority right now.
If you go to sem, here is the the the company logo, sem, you create an account there, which is free, you’re going to start for free with a free account. And you can come here on the menu to SEO total tool link and go to domain overview, domain overview. And here we can type your URL. So I will just just use Amazon as an example Of course here on the right, you can choose the country where you want to search and I will just do the quick search here.
So you see that a semRush is is collecting all data for an Amazon. And the first information we have here is the domain authority is 94, which is super high. On this case for Amazon. If I click here, I can have more information.
Of course, this tool is showing also the organic search traffic, the paid search traffic backlinks, and all great information that we can use for SEO. But the main thing for this video is specifically the domain authority. Let’s check another one.
Let’s go to Let’s see how what’s the number you see that is a little bit lower than Amazon we have 87 is the ranking for this specific case.
If I click on the domain authority, you see here, the backlinks for CNN, you see that the 87 is the domain authority, the referring links or domain the the backlinks that they have the monthly visit is 1.3 billion visits, which is outstanding, the keywords that they are ranking for. So all this information is available here. Let’s go back to the prior image.
And let’s look for one other one which could be let’s think about a small one. We can search for Let’s see I’m not sure if he’s actually small.
No, it’s actually higher 94 is the ranking for this one for Okay, so I hope you come here you check the score of your website. And later we’ll talk about how you can optimize your website authority, how you can optimize the links the backlinks and all these details to make sure your website start ranking higher. See you in the next post

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