Does Nanami die in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga?

Does Nanami die in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga? Kento Nanami is a male character in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. He is one of the best teachers on par with Gojo. Kento Nanami’s death surprised manga fans since Yuji started losing his precious friends and it affected him and made him wonder if he was too weak to protect his friends or the people around him. We discuss Kento Nanami’s death and reveal the cursed spirit that killed him. Kento fought many battles in Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen and taught students like Yuji to learn different techniques. But in the chapter we will discuss below he concludes his conclusion.

Most of the chapters were released after the death of Kento Nanami. But some fans missed which chapter Nanami ended and who killed him. This will help manga fans understand more about Nanami and how he died. This was evident as Nanami was wounded and on the brink of death, but Nanami accepted his fate even though he was able to use healing techniques to heal his wounds, but he was too late as the cursed spirit that wanted to kill had already arrived. But the fans who have been following this manga from the beginning will hear about the death of the main characters.

Let’s find out who Kento Nanami is. Kento is a former student learning under Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto until Nanami is promoted and ranks higher in the academy. He had previously left the academy, returning four years later and working as a wizard. Nanami is a tall man with blond hair who likes to dress like a gentleman. He became a grade 1 mage and became an important part of Yuji’s life, as he was his mentor. Nanami has amazing powers and techniques and is one of the smartest magicians.

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Table of Contents

What chapter does nanami die in?

Nanami dies in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 120, “The Shibuya Incident, Part 38.” This happened after Sukuna arrived at the Shibuya 109 area after dropping Megumi off at the Shibuya Tollgate to receive treatment. Tsukune’s grip on Yuji begins to loosen and Yuji backs away as he calls him a brat and tells him to watch something. Tsukuna disappears and Yuji regains consciousness after noticing a wasteland known as Dogenzaka. Yuji notices that Shibuya’s huge party has been destroyed. He also sees Haruta Shigemo’s corpse on the ground and falls to his knees, realizing that Tsukuna’s destruction caused it all.

Yuji bursts into tears after vomiting and realizes that Tsukuna has killed many people, including Nanako and Mimiko, and that he is a threat to his friends and other students. Yuji wonders what he’s up to and why he joined Jujutsu High, while feeling depressed. He wanted to die and thought that was the best solution. Yuji starts to scratch the floor, but decides to move after he calms down. Itadori knows he has no choice but to fight, even if he becomes an assassin.

However, the telephone starts ringing at Shibuya Station and Grade 1 mage Nanami appears in the corridor. Nanami suffered some injuries from Jogo’s flame and Dagon Death Swarm. He was alive and walking around with a blade. Nanami left part of his body and his entire face was burned. He walks over to the photo booth and into the hallway. Nanami hears something after passing the photo booth, and the curtains open, revealing Mahito’s side. Mahito observes Nanami until Namai meets a group of transformed humans.

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Death of Nanami

Nanami daydreams about Malaysia before confronting the group. He realizes that one of his dreams is to build a house on a secluded beach and read the countless books he hasn’t finished. However, he starts looking for Megumi and wonders how far apart Maki and Naobito are. He realizes that he is tired but still has enough gas in the tank so he decides to keep fighting. Nanami became enraged and tore through the transformed humans with her blunt blade. He was startled when a familiar hand touched his chest. Nanami looks up and realizes it’s Mahito, commenting that he didn’t know the cursed spirit had arrived.

What chapter does nanami die in?


Mahito reveals that he’s been around the whole time and reminds Nanami that they go way back. Nanami notices Yu Haibara and talks to him. But Habara’s spirit points to Nanami’s right, noticing that Yuji has entered the station and is walking down the hall. Nanami smells and accepts his fate as he promises that he doesn’t want to scold the young man. Mahito doesn’t hesitate knowing that Yuji Gra is coming and he immediately kills Nanami after destroying half of Nami’s body. Yuji arrives and wonders what Nanami did to Mahi. Yuji gets angry, and tells Mahi that he is ready for a rematch.

Who killed Nanami?

Already wounded, Nanami was killed after a long battle. But he continued to fight the army that came with Mahito. Mahito appears at the last moment, knowing that Nanami will not be able to fight and kill in front of Yuji. Thus begins a rematch of fates between Yuji and Mahito, who killed Nanami.

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