Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia? Bakugo’s death was one of the biggest upsets in the MHA series and shook the manga world. We discuss the chapter where Bakugo died and other things related to Bakugo. Bakugo is one of the best pro heroes and characters in My Hero Academia manga and anime. Ever since we know his rivalry with Izuku he’s been sneaking around and having boring fights. Bakugo grew up with Izuku, and they attended the same academy, trying to prove which of them was the best. He shares the same dream as Izuku and always wants to be the number one hero.

Bakugo’s death makes My Hero Academia interesting and it leads to a great battle as we see All for One vs. One for All. This differs from other battles in the past as Izuku vows to protect his friends and not let anyone die. This makes Izuku do all he can to kill All for One and avenge his best friend’s death. But this news has not yet reached the ears of Ijuklu who is on his way to face All for One. Many fans may be confused about Bakugo’s death.

However, this is a moot point for those who can’t believe that Bakugo is dead in the chapter we will discuss below. After you read the chapter below, you’ll find out that Bakugo died, which set up a beautiful story for the next chapter of My Hero Academia. But there are many mysteries behind Bakugo’s death. This is one of the great battles where Bakugo dies trying to save everyone. Let’s learn more about Bakugo’s death below.

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In which chapter does Bakugo die?

It happened in a great battle between pro heroes and villains. Bakugo died My Hero Academia Chapter 362. Bakugo is fighting All for One, who is using Tomura Shigaraki as his pawn. Tomura and Bakugo have a great battle, but Bakugo is waiting for Izuklu Midoriya’s arrival. He knew he was outnumbered, and the battle was one-sided even though he unleashed a variety of Quirks. All for the one-controlled Shigaraki, knowing his goal would soon be reached.

The pro heroes are also defeated and All for One is immensely powerful after Shigaraki executes the quirks he has collected. All for One realizes that Nakugo is his biggest threat and comes up with a plan to kill him. He realizes that Bakugo’s death will hurt Izuku, causing Izuku to unleash One for All at its best. All for one knew that Bakugo’s explosive quirk was too dangerous and Bakugo was skilled enough to fight him toe to toe. This infuriated him and he realized that he needed to eliminate all possible threats to achieve his goals.

Bakugo decided not to escape and face All for One, and he wasn’t worried about what would happen as his goal was to save his friend and kill the enemy. However, this helped Bakugo overcome his limitations and unlock another level of his Quirk. But this didn’t help him stop All for One from killing him as the AFO was too strong. After an exchange of heavy Quirk blows, Bakugo is defeated and there is no trace of him. We see Bakugo in the afterlife with his heart broken and lifeless. This proves that Bakugo is dead.

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Who killed Bakugou?

Bakugo is killed by All for One, who was waiting for Izuku’s arrival. He knows that Bakugo will stand in his way to achieve his goal so he kills him. The goal of All for One is to hurt Izuku and take the One for All Quirk. But after showing how powerful he is he controls Shigari to help him kill Bakugou. It’s all for one ecstasy after realizing he’s killed one of his biggest threats.

All for one

Will Bakugo come back to life?

This is one of the great news, and Bakugo can be brought back to life as Eri has a Reversal Quirk that can pull him from the afterlife and restore him to the other side before he disappears completely. Eri has a unique quirk that can revert any creature to the state it was in before encountering D A Di. We saw this in one chapter when Eri used her Quirk to erase her father, and she also reversed Izuku before he was injured by All for One.

If things work right this Quirk will bring Bakugo to life. MHA wouldn’t be interesting if Bakugo didn’t come back to life, and unless it ended his rivalry with Izuku, if All for One paid for his life, Bakugo wouldn’t come back, but when Eri arrived, things would pick up. , and she will do anything to bring Bakugo back to life.

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