Does Arthur die in seven deadly sins?

Does Arthur die in seven deadly sins? Arthur Pendragon, or King Arthur, is one of the best characters in the Seven Deadly Sins. He was introduced in chapter 62 of this manga and he enjoys drinking with Meliodas and his friends at Boar Heart. Fans of this manga will realize that Arthur played an important role, especially in the battle where he reveals the Chaos King. The Seven Deadly Sins manga is one of the best that reveals Arthur’s life and past, but he meets his end. We look forward to revealing the chapter where Arthur dies and other related things.

Arthur is one of the polite people in this manga and he has adjusted to his role. There are many things we discuss about Arthur and how powerful he is, but we are focusing on his death in the best manga chapters of the seven deadly sins. Arthur was known by many names such as Lord Arthur, The Child of Hope, King Arthur, King of Kings and King of Chaos. This was due to the various kingdoms he visited, and he was known as one of the youngest kings ever. Although Arthur had a childish demeanor, he became a great king and did his job well.

The saddest thing about Arthur’s life is that he died since he died so young. However, this was expected as his role ended, leading to another interesting part that led to interesting battles. Fans who don’t know about Arthur’s death will learn more since the manga started a few years ago. We also reveal the main cause of Arthur’s death, because it is shocking that the king died at such a young age. Let’s learn more about Arthur and the chapter where he died below.

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In what chapter does Arthur die?

Arthur dies in Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 339, titled: Fragment of Chaos. It begins after he is part of the battle with Kath, where Meliodas is helping him with the rest of the crew. During the prologue to the New Holy War arc, Arthur survives the battle but fails to stop Zeldris from taking control of Camelot. This results in a great battle where Arthur attacks Chandler and Cusack as they recover from their wounds. Cusack and Chandler are revealed to be testing the powers of Arthur’s holy sword.


Cath tells Arthur that his power has not yet awakened, and Arthur vows that he will never lose because he has Excalibur. But Arthur was surprised when he became weak. Cusack teases Arthur, reminding him of his mistakes when he used too much of the Holy Sword’s power. Cusack revealed that he and Chandler were high monsters that Arthur underestimated. He placed Arthur on his resonator, looking into Arthur’s eyes. Cusack has a chance to kill Arthur, but Merlin appears in time and uses Icicle Castle to trap Cusack.

She teleports them to Boar Hat. But Cusack uses his last attempt, causing Arthur to open his heart with Excalibur. This is after Arthur uses his blade to slash at Cath. Arthur dies and this surprises Sins and Merlin who ask Elizabeth to heal Arthur. But Elizabeth reveals that she cannot cure Arthur unless Excalibur is removed. As he dies, Arthur apologizes for his mistakes and his failure to fulfill Merlin’s promise. This dint greatly affects the sins, but they devise a plan to restore Arthur’s life.

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Arthur’s Awakening Ritual

Arthur is restored after the Demon King is defeated. Before that, Merlin takes everyone to Lake Salisbury and says she’ll start with Arthur’s awakening. Merlin stood above the lake and asked Elizabeth to help him. They begin with the awakening process, the water illuminates and the light reaches Excalibur. Merlin apologizes, realizing she misjudged, and uses the key mage to open the mysterious door. After a massive explosion, Arthur floats on the lake and comes back to life.



Who is Arthur?

Arthur Pendragon is known as King Arthur of the Seven Deadly Sins. He became the ruler and king of Camelot. He is known as King Arthur in various arcs, wielding the holy sword Excalibur. Later, he is revealed as the King of Chaos. Arthur is short with orange hair and was adopted by the Holy Knight before he became king. He became Kay’s brother, and they grew up together from childhood. Arthur masters various sword techniques and later discovers that he is Bartra Lions, the 11th king of lions. He has a rich history with Meliodas.

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