Do you know Who invented Uranium?

Do you know Who invented Uranium? Do you like to see magic? Someone had said that if you look closely, there is magic in everything in the world. By the way I am not a good magician but sometimes I keep trying.

I will show my magic later, first let’s talk about a special thing, if you keep this special thing in the open, it will automatically catch fire. Isn’t it surprising? fire in the air This is the wonder of nature. Such a thing is found inside the earth, it is very beautiful to see, it is white and shiny and when it comes in contact with air, it burns itself, its name is uranium.

Do you know What is Uranium? & who invented uranium, if not, then we will discuss about it in this article.

What is Uranium?

Uranium is a very useful metal present on Earth. Uranium has an atomic number of 92 and is chemically denoted as U. Uranium is a very active element, capable of reacting very quickly with any substance. Along with this, uranium is such an element that if left in the open air, it starts burning on its own.

Atomic mass238.029
Atomic number92
Density18.95 grams per cubic centimeter
Melting point1135 °C
Melting temperature2075 degrees Fahrenite
Boiling point4131 °C
Boiling temperature7468 degrees Fahrenite

Uranium (metal)

energy level7

Atomic structure


Position in the periodic array

Who invented Uranium?

Martin Heinrich Klaproth invented Uranium

Uranium was invented in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth in the form of an ore called pitchblende. He named this element uranium after the planet Uranus.

What is uranium used for?

 Uranium is one of the most widely used metals in the present times. In today’s time, uranium is mainly used to generate nuclear power, which helps in providing convenience to the people by generating electricity using nuclear energy.

Uranium is a very valuable metal. Apart from nuclear energy, uranium is also used to make atomic bombs, which are used during war. At present, almost all countries have nuclear bombs, which is useful to make their country powerful and safe.

Where is uranium found?

 Uranium originates mainly in Australia, Canada, and Kazakhstan. There is a huge amount of uranium present in the world, out of which 70 percent of uranium is produced only in these three countries.

Apart from these three countries, uranium is also produced in Niger, Russia, Ukraine, Namibia, Uzbekistan, China, United Nations, where more than thousands of tonnes of uranium is produced.

Apart from these countries, there are many such states in India where uranium is present in large quantities. Such as Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, etc.

Which metal is uranium?

Uranium is an intermediate series of the Periodic Table and the third element of the Actinides Series. Uranium is considered one of the heaviest elements found in the environment. And some time ago this element is also considered as the last element of Intermediate Series.

Identification of uranium?

Uranium is a very beautiful, white and shiny metal. An element is identified by its atomic number, which never changes. Similarly, the atomic number of uranium is 92, and it is chemically denoted by U. And the total mass of uranium (Proton + Neutron) is 238.

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Now in the end I hope you understand uranium and who invented uranium?. If you have any doubt comment in the comment box.

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