Do you know who invented radar?

Friends, at some point of time this question must have come in your mind that what is this radar, who invented Radar so let us give you all the information related to radar in this article here.

What is Radar?

Radar is a device used to detect the position and distance of an aircraft flying in the sky with the help of radio waves. The distance of the aircraft can be found by finding the time difference between the waves transmitted by radar and reflected from the aircraft. 

What is the full name of radar?

The full form of Radar is Radio Detection and Ranging .

Who invented radar?

Radar was invented by Scottish scientist Robert Watson Watt in 1930. Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) is a device used for research of moving targets. 

Types of Radars:-

Radars are of two types.

  • Bistatic Radar
  • Monostatic Radar

Function of Radar:-

Radar is an object detection machine that detects objects using microwaves.

With the help of this, distance, height, direction, speed etc. of any moving objects like aircraft, ship, motor vehicles etc. can be detected from a distance.

Radar is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging which was first used in the US Navy for Radio Detection and Ranging.

Where is radar used?

Radar is used in Military, Law Enforcement, Aircraft Navigation, Ship Navigation, Air Traffic Controller and Space etc.

On what principle does radar work?

Radar mainly works on the principle of reflection of radio waves.

What is the difference between Radar and Sonar?

Radar (Radio Detection And Ranging):- It is used to detect the position, altitude and movement of an object in the sky. For this, radio waves are emitted from the instrument and these waves collide with any object present in the sky and reach back to the instrument.

In this way, absolutely accurate information related to the current position and speed of an object is obtained.

Sonar (Sound Navigation And Ranging):- It also works like radar. Radar uses radio waves, while sonar uses sound waves. Sonar is used to detect objects under water or ocean, because radio waves are not able to work with such efficiency in liquids.

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