Do you know Who Invented Pi?

Friends must have heard about Pi in your math, but do you know what is the formula of Pi and Who Invented Pi?, if not, then definitely read this article till the end, in this article We have shared complete information about pi.

In mathematics, we read about many mathematical constants, and while solving many questions, we have to assume constants from ourselves.

Today we will tell you about Pi – Pi (Π) is a type of mathematical constant which we use to find the circumference and area of ​​a circle in mathematics.

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Who invented the pi?

The great knower of mathematics, Aryabhata in the 5th century itself, explained the principle of pi to the people, invented pi was added to. All the inventions by them are helping us in mathematics today. 

What is the value of pi?

Many people know the meaning of pi but don’t know its value recognition was explained.


of pi is = Circumference/Diameter, it is considered as the ratio of circumference and diameter.

We can understand the value of pi in different ways. Basically the value of is 3.14 and = 22/7. In mathematics, the value of is also equal to 180°.

Pi is used:

From the very beginning in mathematics, pi has been used to solve math problems correctly. We use pi to find the circumference and area of ​​a circle in mathematics. The value for pi is determined by the knower. Its value or formula cannot be changed. It is mostly used in geometry and Trigonometry.

Who invented mathematics?

So friends, we hope that you must have got complete information about Who invented Pi in this article.

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