Do you know who invented JCB & When?

One of the new inventions happening in the present time, the invention of JCB is considered very effective.

JCB is such a machine, which helps people to do big things in a very short time. Any kind of construction work is impossible without JCB machine. So let’s know about some more interesting things related to JCB.

Who invented JCB?

JCB was first invented in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford.

Even after JCB machine was invented, this machine was not given any name. Then after a lot of thinking. JCB was later renamed after its creator.

History of JCB

JCB is a British multinational corporation company. The company mainly deals in manufacturing machines for the agriculture and demolition sectors. JCB was trademarked to the company in 2009, 65 years after the invention was made.

At least 11000 people work in JCB company. This company manufactures more than 300 types of machines. And all these machines are sold to more than 150 countries.

What is the real name of JCB?

JCB’s real name is not JCB. JCB is the name of a company, which manufactures a machine called Backhoe Loader and this machine is known as JCB by everyone in today’s time.

Main Functions of JCB

The main function of JCB machine is to excavate the soil and dig the pit. And especially this machine is used to complete the heavy work.

With the help of this machine, big work can be done in less time, which saves the employees from working hard.

Information about JCB

The real name of JCB is Backhoe Loader which is used to move heavy loads in a short time.

This machine saves many people from doing hard work. Apart from backhoe loader machine, JCB company also manufactures different types of machines such as – Contactor, Generator, Spare, Tractor, Loader, etc.

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