Do you Know Who Invented Chess?

There will be many such people among you who have played a game of chess once in their life. But do you know who invented chess ? If not then there is no need to worry.

Because today we will know who invented chess. Chess is such a game, friends, which can be played by all people i.e. children, old and young, people also enjoy playing it a lot and it also sharpens the brain.

Friends, you may not play chess, but when you read this entire post, you will definitely play chess. This game is considered difficult or a challenge in our society. You must have a sharp mind to play this game. So without delay let’s start.

What is Chess?

Chess game is such a game that you need to have a sharp mind to play. In this game, two types of boxes are made, one is black and one is white, in which one piece is kept. There are some names in this game like – king, queen, horse, elephant, pawn, etc.

This game is not as easy as it sounds. Although there are many ancient games in the world that put a lot of physical energy, but chess is a game that is played by sitting in one place and stressing the nerves of the brain. Experts who have done research on chess say that it is a game that reflects the life of ancient people itself.

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Wilhelm Steinitz is called the father of chess. Long ago a king named Shihram ruled India. He was an autocrat. Around this time a wise man invented the game of chess to show the king. However, till now no one knows who invented chess by a man named Kis.

Who invented the game of chess?

It is very difficult to say precisely who invented chess. But according to sources, chess was invented in India only in the sixth century. Today’s modern chess is taken from our old game Chaturanga .

Which was very popular at that time in India. Chess is the oldest brain game in the world. Although there are many sports in the world that use such physical energy, but the thing about chess is something else.

In which country was the game of chess invented?

The word chess has also been invented from India. Chess is actually inspired by the game of Chaturanga. Chaturanga game went from India to Persian countries. During the journey, it was found that here the name “Raja”, which is also called “Raja” in Sanskrit, was changed to Persian and called “Shah” and it was from this Shah that it got its name Chess.

Today we use the word Chess in English which we use to play chess.the French echec word

When did chess come to India?

There is no old record of playing chess. But it is believed that chess is actually a game of India and it has evolved from the game of Chaturanga.

Along with this, it was also learned that this game has been going on among us for 4000 years. The early stages of chess came to India around the 6th century. One of our ancestors, Chaturanga, showed the aspects of this modern game of chess.

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Modern Chess Who is known as the father of Chess?

Modern Chess Wilhelm Steinitz is called the father of chess.

What did you learn today

I hope you liked this article. It has always been my endeavor to inform the readers about who invented chess so that they do not have to search for that article in context on any other article or internet.

This will also save your time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubt regarding this article, then you can ask it in the comment below.

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